Hiring Tree Services

Guide To Hiring A Tree Removal Professional

Tree removal is the kind of task you shouldn’t do yourself. Even if you’re an expert DIYer, performing this job yourself can ruin the look of your trees or even result in a severe accident. It’s better to have this technical undertaking appropriately done by professionals. But how do you find one? Keep reading…

What To Know

As tree removal can be dangerous and destructive, the most important thing when hiring a tree service is their insurance coverage. Check if the company will compensate you in case an accident happens or your property is damaged. Proceed to call their insurance firm to verify the provided information. This is why a skilful handyman in your neighbourhood with a chainsaw and truck isn’t suitable for this job.


Be wary of those companies that require you to pay an upfront fee or want to commence the project without providing a free quote. Request for an estimate and written contract specifying what tasks are involved in the project and the costs of each. For trees with significant aesthetic value, ask the lopper to climb it with ropes or an aerial lift rather than climbing spikes, which damage the cambium. Also, know what action the tree service will take in tough situations or when an accident occurs. How do they lop limbs over electrical wires? Most skilled professionals use ropes to control the fall of branches.


Prices vary depending on where you live, project technicality and removal technique. Determine beforehand how much money you’re willing to spend on hiring a tree service. Do you want the whole tree removed or just lopped? What about the stump and lumbering? Having a plan will help you reduce unnecessary costs.


One of the best ways of finding a reputable tree service is asking for references from your friends or family members. Also, talk to your neighbours and mention the removal. If they had removed their trees before, chances are they will have several names to recommend. Ask about customer service and work quality too. Since tree removal is costly and somewhat dangerous, find a professional you can trust. Lastly, arborists are also a great source of references as they have connections with many tree removers.