Meyer Lemon Marmalade with Ricotta on Toast

A few weeks ago, I discovered an urban legend known as the Gluten-Free Sourdough Man at the Hollywood Farmer's Market. I couldn't wait to eat all the rest of the bread (in moderation, of course) and try a few new recipes in the process.

This delicious marmalade takes three days to make, but the end-result is worth it: perfectly balanced sweet, bitter and tart flavors.

But just having the marmalade by itself wasn't good enough for me, so I made toast. But not just any toast. Fresh Ricotta, Honey and a lotta love went into this breakfast!

What's the best thing you've had for breakfast these days? Are your New Year's Resolutions still keeping you from behaving badly, or are we in Valentine mode yet? I'm craving Nutella like none other these days, maybe there's a Nutella recipe around the corner?


  1. I must eat better breakfast...just reading this makes me hungry. :)
    Nominated you girl since I love you and your blog. :)


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