Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Let's be honest. You haven't done all of your Christmas shopping yet, have you? I won't tell anyone. You still have an entire weekend. Practically 5 whole days even. The stores will all be open because we all know the big box stores don't let their employees go home ever, so there's that. And then there's Amazon. And I know you're a Prime member because, duh. And I'm sure you're crafty, or at least you are like me and pretend to be, so we can make some stuff if worse comes to worse. But we still have five days. So don't panic quite yet.

I've always been so last minute. I've been the "Oh, no! It must have gotten lost in the mail!" girl...I've been the "Here's a joint gift for everyone, because that's more fun!" girl, and I've even been the "Let's just call this a Valentine's Day gift, okay, because we should totally give presents on Valentine's!" girl.

Well, this year, that stopped. For me. But we're talking about you here. So here are some ideas, in case this year, you are like me in previous years. Does that make sense? So let's cover all of our bases. Online, The Mall and Handmade. All things that you can order, buy, or make, in five days or less.

Ready, set, go.

1. J. Crew Fair Isle Thermal Leggings, $69.99+40% off until Christmas 2. J. Crew Crystal Rosette Necklace, $150.00+30% off until Christmas 3. Brookstone Sand, $14.99 4. Brookstone "On the Rock" Glass with Ice Ball Maker, $19.99 5. Brookstone NAP Socks, 3 Pairs, $19.99 6. Crate and Barrel Hario Chaor 4-Cup Tea Maker, $59.95

1. My Raspberry Jam 2. Pallet Bench and Planter 3. T-Shirt Pillow 4. Candy Cane Scrub 5. Dipped Wooden Spoons 6. DIY Mini Emergency Kit

What are you making, doing, buying for Christmas this year, loves?


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