Slightly Obsessed with Kitchen Linens

I'm a sucker for pretty and/or funny dish towels. All kitchen linens and wearable kitchen accessories in general pretty much thrill me to death. And since it's my birthday on Sunday, (Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I give you myself as a present!) I've come up with some inexpensive and beautiful kitchen linens and accessories that Mom (or me) would just love to receive on this blessed day.

I know a certain Mama Pea who might like this! 

Pretty Perennial Scrub Brush

What are your plans for Mother's Day My Birthday?


  1. love, love, love all of the fabulous kitchen towels, linens and aprons. I am a sucker for girly aprons and themed kitchen towels, ha. Happy (early) Birthday - I hope it's fabulous and you get tons of great gifts! :-)

  2. Wonderful selection. Love them all, and would def get those aprons and dishtowels :) And on your birthday I'll be heading to Germany! ;) Hahah! Will drink some bubbly for ya, okay?


  3. Did you ever catch my Antro apron from that "naked chef" challenge I did? That reminds me, I need to remove that post soon before someone I work with catches it.

    Only cause I like, no love, you.

  4. LOVE the 'emotionally unstable' towels! lol!

    I have no plans for today because mom is in AZ visiting my brother. We're having a bbq next weekend here in CA. Which is a good thing...it's freezing today!

    Happy Birthday!!! : )


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