I'll Never Ever Forget You

Over the last year, I made it to China 8 times. My shortest trip was 2 weeks, my longest 31 days. This last trip was long too, 27 days (25 of which I was working) but filled with some pretty amazing memories. For a couple silly and very amateur videos, check out my YouTube page. For pictures of the last month I've been waiting to show you, see below.

On one of my two days off, I went strawberry picking. It was freezing cold that day, but the berries were just perfect.

My sweet, sweet (and only) friend in Shanghai, Selina, picking strawberries. I haven't told her yet what happened on Friday, it breaks my heart to think I don't know when I'll see her again.

The Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) were in full bloom in People's Square in Shanghai. They smell amazing. And I bought some Sakura Green Tea at a fancy tea shop, and I'm so glad I did. Note to self: When in doubt, purchase. You never know when you might be back.

I try to find Chinese babies whenever possible. It's hard to keep me from bringing one home in my suitcase.

After strawberry picking, Selina brought me to this tiny little fishing village where the streets were lined with treats. I had strawberry-flavored cotton candy.

It was bigger than my head. And I ate (almost) all of it. And Rachael, my dear, I am still rocking the bangs, as you can see here. They were however not cooperating that day, as it was raining. Yuck.

This is what I think China should look like. Most of it does not look like this. But I love it anyway.

I'm not kidding, those goldfish came from the river. Can you even believe that?

This is my friend Selina's friend eating a frog.

I got to row the boat.

Can you even stand it? I loved these little girls. Some kids are scared when they see me, others are very interested and tell me I look like their Barbie dolls.

This apple cost almost $10 in USD. But it claimed to be the world's best, so I had to buy it. It was just okay.

My fruit bowl. Mangosteen, Rambutan and little mini Mangoes.

Water chestnuts.

Skyline at night.

My patternmaker, Yang, and I on her motorbike. I'm worried she was laid off too, and I have no way to find out, as she doesn't speak English and I don't have her personal info. She has a one-year-old daughter.

The Jin An Temple. I threw a coin into the tower to wish for good luck, and I made it in. I know that good luck is on it's way, it just takes a while to make it here all the way from China.

It's nice to be home. And friends, thank you so much for your comments on my last post. There are many more to come.

Hugs and Kisses,


  1. Awww...love these pictures. Make me believe I am right there seeing and feeling it all. Amazing.
    You can definitely look back at a wonderful year, full of color, fun food, fun toilets (haha!), and much much more. Proud of you. :)


  2. What beautiful photos!!! Thanks for sharing them with us. I'm happy that you have many fond memories of China, and hope that you'll be able to re connect with some of the friends that you made there.....

  3. Love the pics! And I can see why you want to put one of those babies in your luggage. Too cute!

  4. i want a chinese baby! i might need to go to china with you for one...

  5. You are so lovely! I'm glad for your new upcoming opportunities, whatever they might be! I was exhausted for you just reading about your travels. I love how you wrote that good luck was coming - it just takes a while to get here from China.

  6. You and I both know I'm never going to pop a babe out of my own v-box, and by the time I'm mature enough to be responsible for a child, I'll be going through menopause ... so it's always been my ideal to adopt a child from another country (although I understand plenty of children here in the US need it as well, my options are not closed.) and all these little Chinese tykes are making my decision for me!

    I'm glad to see the bangs are still looking fresh and fabulous. You've almost got me convinced to cutting mine back up to par, however ... I want looooong hair like yours first. Yes yes. Extensions are on the calendar for the end of June. YES.


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