And It's Over

1 year, 1 month, 13 days and about 7 hours ago I accepted a job that took me to places I never dreamed of going. It took me to far away places, places that humbled me and amazed me, places that terrified and amused me. My job took me to China eight times in one year. It also took me away from a lot of people and things. It pretty much gave me no free time. It took me away from this blog, and my boyfriend and my life.
I started knowing very little of what I know today. And today I know so much more than I ever could have dreamed. More about life, more about love, and more about this industry than I thought was possible.
And yesterday, my position was eliminated from the company. I was given hugs, and thanked for my outstanding effort, but ultimately told the company was moving in a different direction. And so I was laid off. I was told it was nothing personal.
And I have never been more relieved.
I don't talk about work on this blog for a reason. No one I worked with for the last year even knew I had a blog. Well, basically this blog has been hanging on by a thread, let's be honest. I let it go to the wayside while I recovered from jet lag and nursed my latest job-related stress. I wore cozy pants a lot and was on my Blackberry 24-hours a day. When I couldn't sleep at home, I e-mailed with China. When I couldn't sleep in China, I e-mailed home. I filled and refilled my prescriptions for anxiety medicine and sleeping pills, both of which I needed to deal with the stress and constant time changes.
And then two weeks ago I returned from what would become my last China trip working for this company, and I came home sick as a dog and under more pressure than ever. I wasn't happy. I did all I could for myself and my job and it turns out it just wasn't meant to go on any longer.
I am so grateful for this year away, and even happier and more grateful to finally be home. I can't wait to reconnect with you, and my friends and to take off my shoes and prance around the grass with my bare feet.
I know there are fantastic opportunities ahead, and for the next few months, I'm going to reconnect with all of the things I've been missing and then get back into the game.
But for the time being, this little tiger is tuckered out.


  1. I'm so happy for you, and I'm even happier that you took the time to update your blog. The next few months are going to be a wonderful time for you, and catching up on life with friends + family is going to be MARVELOUS!

    lots of love,


  2. I'm incredibly happy for you Erin. I live by saying "I better stay healthy and happy and have no job, than unhealthy and having a job that brings in the $$". I've learned my lesson. Not saying I'm super super happy right now, BUT I am getting healthier and this is really all that counts.
    I'm so happy you are back, and taking your time. I meant to email you about two week ago but then couldn't. Different reasons. Though now I know you are back!
    ANd yes, the next few weeks and even months will be a new chapter for you. An adventure you will love (and maybe sometimes hate) but these following weeks will be amazing for you to catch up what is important to you girl. :)

    Missed ya.
    Hugs to you.


  3. Sometimes, blessings are often disguised. It definitely sounds as though this is the case. It also sounds as though you have the right frame of mind and appreciate all the experience you've gained in the past year.

    Heal, run and spend time with the people you love :-)!

  4. To be honest I was a teeny bit worried that your job was just a bit too much. I wouldn't have been able to make it more then a month traveling like that. I'm working 2 jobs right now and they just cut my hours (and pay, grrrrr.) at my part-time one and to be honest, I'm grateful. I was working 15 days in a row at a time (weekends included) and getting home at 7 at night with about enough time to feed the dog and crash into bed. Finally it caught up to me last week in the form of strept throat and body aches/chills.
    Soon enough I can cut one job out completely and I'll be a happy little tanker.

    I miss you Erin-face! How are the bangs? Are they still around? Mine aren't, I'm letting my hair grooooow long first and then I'll cut them back in. Currently they are up there, just as really long side sweept bangs ... driving me crazy.

  5. What LMB said. : ) Welcome back (when you're nice and rested)!.

  6. So glad I stumbled upon your blog! I can't wait to read your adventures of "funemployment!" :)

  7. Welcome back, you've been missed!! There will be so many more opportunities for you in the future, for now, I hope you are able to relax and enjoy life! xxoo :)

  8. i am so happy for you erin. it sounds like this couldn't have come at a better time for you. despite the unfortunate fact that you're now unemployed, sometimes things happen for a reason and can even be a blessing in disguise. i have no qualms that you'll find another amazing opportunity that makes you happy!

  9. Been wondering how you were fairing! I'm not sure whether I should say "I'm sorry to hear about the job" or "congrats on getting your life back I missed you" Either way, chalk it up to a year's worth of experience and opportunities you might never have had otherwise and make the most of some time off before you get back out there again. Welcome back!!!! We missed you!

  10. So sorry to hear you were laid off but its ounds like it's a big relief! Now you can look back on that time and know you did a great job, were successful and got to travel the world. NOW it's time to get back to you =)

  11. I'll be glad to see more of your around blog world! Rest up, hun!


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