Would You Wear A Printed Wedding Dress?

Every once and a while, one of those pesky bridal magazines makes its way into my pile of monthly fashion magazines. One of my favorite perks of being a fashion designer is my monthly magazine budget. And this month, as I stood at the newsstand checking out the latest glossy covers, this one caught my eye:

Vogue Sposa Spring 2011

One of the trends I noticed emerging was the printed wedding dress. More than three different designers in this one very expensive and ultra-fancy Italian magazine were featuring the same idea, that plain white is no longer a requirement. I started thinking more and more about this notion, so much so that I am now kind of obsessed with it.

And if someone put a gun to my head and told me I had to get married right-this-very-second, I think one of these dresses would fit the ticket quite nicely.

What do you think? 

Would you consider one of these gorgeous gowns?



  1. I wouldn't wear a printed dress but I wouldn't wear white either (it makes me look like death warmed over with my skin tone). I love silver wedding dresses though.

  2. I'm more the traditional girl, but if I find a printed dress that fits and works with me right that minute/hour/and well event...why not?! Just nothing too much...or I go back to eggshell. ;)

  3. Sure why not? If I was ever to do it again I'd probably choose something wayyyyy less traditional ( and elope while I'm at it ) Happy you are back! Aloha:)

  4. If I wasn't already married and was on the hunt for a dress, I wouldn't discount a printed one, but I'm not sure that I would actually pick it for the BIG day...

  5. I Would die over the dress on the top.
    I was looking at the Organza Printed Bridal Dress in a soft a-line. But I live in Cabo and would be short on the funds. It is my dream to have that dress! If I could make it i would.

  6. I LOVE these dressed. Well, not these dresses specifically, but the idea of them. I can't wait to try one on!

  7. That's dresses* Sorry about the typo.

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