Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

 Today my only child turns 8. She might still only weigh 7 lbs. and be covered with fur, but she's mine and I don't know what I'd do with out her. Last month my mom brought her to come visit me and we took Leila to the beach. She was the cutest ever watching the waves and just staring at the big, blue ocean.

 I bought Leila when I was 19, just a month shy of my 20th birthday. She was a present to myself. I wasn't in the market for a dog, I was only a sophomore in college and was moving into my sorority house the next fall. But I couldn't help it. She was just so cute and when she stared up at me with those big brown eyes, I fell in love. That and I had a brand new Visa card in my wallet. The two were a dangerous combo.

The next year she lived with my mom, and our Akita, Bear, and our Shiba Inu, Champ. They all became fast friends. Leila would take naps sleeping on top of  Bear, even though he was literally 20 times her size. Sadly, Bear and Champ were already old dogs by the time I got Leila, and within a few years they were both gone.

Leila has been an only child now for many years. And that year she lived with my mom when I was in the sorority solidified my mom's attachment to her, she never did live with me again. So she is in Colorado, and I am in Los Angeles. I think about her every day and am so glad she is able to come visit every now and again.
I mean, just look at her! How could you not be in love this girl?

Happy Birthday, baby girl! Mommy loves you!

Hope you're having a great weekend!



  1. Too cute! My brother lived with us for 9 months after his house burnt down. During that time, our mom got very attached to his cat. When he bought a new house, he gifted mom (the mom) with Mom (the cat) and she lived with us for 6 more years. It's because of Mom that I'm (now) a cat lover.

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