Balboa Island, August 2010

 We all know I was a tad bit busy in 2010. Well, as of now I expect no less from 2011. However instead of whining about it, I'm going to embrace it all. And make up for a little of my lost time by doing a tad bit of catching up. Starting now.

Last August one of my best friends, Megan, took me to her grandmother's beach house on Balboa Island for the weekend. By the way, Megan, I still have the spare keys to the house, remind me to give them back to you or I might just go back the next weekend it's above freezing and camp out.

We had a fantastic weekend, exploring the island, shopping and sunning ourselves to a crispy red lobster color. My sunburn was actually so bad that I blistered and my doctor prescribed pain killers. But all that is a distant memory now and my skin is back to its usual winter white. I don't remember the sunburn as much as I remember all of the fun we had. I'm so glad I had my camera with me!

Please note: I am not lucky enough to own any of the dogs or children in these pictures.


  1. i love balboa island!!! is it wrong that i'm excited for summer NOW?!?

  2. I also love Balboa Island! Two of my brothers lives there at one time or another. The Christmas boat parade and taking the ferry to the mainland were my favorite things to do. Oh yeah, and visiting the brothers, of course.

  3. what a beautiful place. A great way to start off 2011! I hope its a little less busy for you this year. Cheers!

  4. :) I love Balboa Island. Just spend Christmas there!!!! :)

  5. you don't own those children?!?! hehe.
    it looks so gorgeous there! i miss cali. :(

  6. Thanks for the memories....Sometimes I miss my days back in the O.C. :-)

  7. I want to go there so badly! You lucky duck to do so much travel. I'll stow away in your suitcase next time.


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