I'm Juror #8

Loves! Is it really December? I can't believe how fast time has been flying by ever since I practically moved to China. And to think I'll be back there in less than two weeks! So much has happened lately! I went home to Colorado for Thanksgiving and my 10 year high school reunion (more on that later) and I am currently performing my civic duties as a juror.

Can we talk about the legal system for a minute? While I've been compared to Elle Woods before (blonde hair, Chihuahua, sorority-girl, etc.) I do think my #1 trait in common with this bombshell has got to be my respect for the law. I obviously won't tell you where I am serving or what kind of case, but I can tell you that it was blatantly disgusting the way people were trying to get out of jury duty. Jury selection took three days...we are just getting started with the trial, and we went through over 80 potential jurors.

What if YOU were on trial? What if your best friend was? Your mother? How would you feel if the best and brightest people in the room were literally crying trying to avoid the responsibility that comes with being on a jury? I know it's a pain, but really, most trials take 3-5 days, most employers will pay you for your time away, and you really can't beat courtroom hours. Also, wouldn't you want you to be on your own jury? Was that a little confusing, but do you get what I'm saying anyway?

I say, take it like a man (or, um...Elle Woods) and go up there unbiased and willing to appreciate the legal system. Just consider it your due-diligence for spending all of those hours watching Law & Order free of charge.



Thanks for your comments! Hope you stop by again soon! XO!