This is Food

Nothing shocks me more than food. Give the roaches and worms they used to eat on "Fear Factor", give it a number and then multiply it by ten. And then take that number, round up, carry the one, and that's the food in China I don't eat. (And this is my last post on China because I'm sick of talking about it for now.)

In this post are all of the pictures I took of food during 4 1/2 weeks there. It's not a whole lot, but you'll get the point. I think all of the food I ate was very yummy. I know you're smart, so you'll be able to distinguish between food I deem "Fear Factor"-worthy and food I call "incredibly-delicious-I-can't-stop-thinking-about-it-because-it-made-4 and 1/2 weeks-there-fly-by."

I started my trip in Japan, where I ate Shabu Shabu with one of my friend/coworker:

Here are some random pictures of food from Japan:

Then I got to China, where I would stay for the next month. I started my trip at Din Tai Feng, one of the premier dumpling restaurants in the world. I only took pictures at the end of the meal, I was too busy eating the mushroom dumplings to pull out my camera:

Later in the month it was off to Hong Kong. I stumbled upon an open-air market. Here are some things I found:

Yes, those are eels and turtles and frogs.

Of course, I also found some fruit.

Last, but certainly not least, there was the menu that had me ordering steamed rice for dinner (sorry for the quality, they're cellphone pictures.):

Hungry? Promise on my next trip (in one month) I'll take pictures of more appetizing items.



  1. Fantastic!!!!!! :)
    That open-air market is awesome...not that I would ever try to have eel, frog or turtle but just knowing these things exist...awesome! :)

    Ok, I'm hungry for Shabu Shabu now. Seriously, and some Japanese beer too. ;) Yum!!

  2. Great pictures! Especially that first pic of yourself. Too stinkin' cute!

    I'm wondering, did people stare are your blonde hair? My brother went to China a few years ago, with a Chinese friend, and he said everyone stared at his hairy arms (not his pits, either). lol!

  3. My hubby went to Japan a few years ago and ate some delicious food and some very questionable food. I can certainly see why you only ate steamed rice at that one place. *shiver*

  4. love shabu shabu! gotta find a good place in la.

  5. I'm afraid I would starve if I left the country as often as you because a lot of exotic foods just terrify me! I'm so glad you are back!



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