Lovely Leaves

I totally forgot that leaves change color. I mean, this is easy to do living in Los Angeles, palm trees don't change much throughout the year.

But this weekend I got to go to Michigan for my Grandmother's 80th birthday, and boy-oh-boy do the leaves change color there. Reds, yellows, oranges, greens of all shades. I was obsessed. And wanted desperately to go collect a bunch, place them in between two sheets of wax paper and get to town ironing.

Too bad you'll have to settle for these pictures.

What did you do this weekend, loves?



  1. Gorgeous! I went to MN 2 years ago for the colors. We were a week early (saw some color) but it was a fun trip anyway. lol!

    My AZ bro's family came to CA Saturday and I'm enjoying my 3 nieces (15, 11, and 10).

  2. Oh, yes....the trees do look gorge this time of year! I have a wonderful view out the windows in the back of my house.

  3. Gorgeous! I just asked in your latest if you had family in MI. Duh, should've read the previous post!


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