Have You Met My Brother?

This is my little brother. He's single, ladies.

He's also smart and talented and sweet. Case in point? He made this little movie of Lake Michigan for me over the weekend:

I can just feel the stress melting away when I watch it. I could seriously watch this on repeat over and over and over.

We also shared my camera and took a bunch of pictures of the water. Here's what the two of us came up with:

E-mail me if you want his info, girls!


  1. hahah hey, im single!!!

    gorgeous photos! lake michigan looks a lot like our FL beaches. craziness

  2. Um young lady what were you doing by Lake Michigan and not letting me know?!?!?! I live in Michigan now! Where were you?!??!

  3. hunka burnin love!

    those pics are great. i love the chairs in a row and your dress, lady...amazing!

    hubs company is in st. joseph, mi and i really love it there on the water. at least for the 3 months its warm! do you have family there?

  4. Beautiful pictures! And I really appreciated that video today!

  5. seriously, if I didn't just get married..... he sounds so amazing!!

  6. Girl, you're funny. :) Love the pictures!!!! And oh yeah you are a very good sister!! ;)

  7. That's what Lake Michigan looks like?! I need to get up there stat! And you brother seems wonderful.


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