Obsessed With Cath Kidston

Hello there! I returned from Asia obsessed with a designer from the U.K. That's the way the world works, I guess. Irony is world-wide, although not really, when I told my Chinese coworker that I could "sew the samples faster myself" she proceeded to get on her cell phone and call the factory to "arrange a sewing machine for me this afternoon." I had to explain to her that in America, we sometimes aren't serious about what we say.
Regardless, in Hong Kong on a shopping trip, I found the most adorable bag ever, completely unaware of the designer or her other works. I paid $98 Hong Kong dollars (about $15 US) for it and I am OBSESSED.
I feel so girly, so preppy and just all-around so lovely carrying it. I think you might love Cath Kidston too, please check out her website (and register for her free catalogue) and tell me what you think.
I want to buy everything on her website, and am kicking myself for not buying 20 of her bags when I had the chance.
Amazon.com sells everything from her stationery to her recipe organizer (!) and I could not want anything more for Christmas this year.



  1. I TOTALLY love Cath Kidston too! My hubby's English and my MIL keeps me stocked up in adorable English shabby chic. :) If you ever go to the UK, I highly recommend the CK shop in Liverpool - it's GINORMOUS and carries a ton of the CK clothing line.

  2. Love love love these!!! :) Thanks for sharing girl. And welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Adorable! Now you must tell me what the conversion is between pounds and $ because I'm about to order several items... :)

    Welcome home!

  4. Hi! Whereabouts in Hong Kong did you buy your Cath Kidston bag from? I'm from Australia and Cath Kidston products here are expensive. I will be going to Hong Kong in December for a holiday so I became more excited when I stumbled upon your post. Thanks heaps! :)


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