Asia Weeks One and Two

Hello from China my loves!
I have had quite an eventful last two weeks. My coworker and I started our trip in Tokyo and shopped til we dropped for two days. Then we flew to Shanghai and worked for a few more days, drove to a town called Ningbo to work for a few more days, returned to Shanghai and worked even more. Today is my first day off in two weeks. And even at that I've been working from my laptop in bed all day.
I did manage to go to the Expo again (http://en.expo2010.cn/) and buy some crazy fruit from a street vendor. They couldn't tell me the name of them in English, but I guess they come from the lotus plant. I bought some because what if they were the yummiest thing I had ever tried? Even though they looked like spiky miniature dragonfruits, they did not taste like one. They tasted like a raw potato. You win some, you lose some I guess.
I've been eating well, lots of rice and noodles. My plan to work out like a maniac has backfired due to actually having to work like a maniac. Regardless, I think I am going to hit the gym now. And for dinner it's more noodles and maybe a tea from my favorite boba place. Sounds like oodles of fun, huh? Well, I wish you were here. We could watch movies and eat popcorn and drink wine.
Sorry for the zero formatting in this post, I'm e-mailing it as Blogger is banned in China. I'm also headed to Hong Kong tomorrow, promise I'll take lots of pictures to share with you even if it takes me a while to post them.
Hope you are well!


  1. LOVE the pics! Hope you are well! : )

  2. have fun in hong kong! and enjoy your day off....

  3. Really fun pictures, it sounds like you've been insanely busy since you've gotten there. Do you feel immersed in the culture now that you've spent so much time there? Have fun in Hong Kong tomorrow!

  4. Great pics Erin!!!

    Hope you're having fun in Hong Kong!


  5. Those red fruits aren't lotus. They look like water chestnuts (which, like lotus, grow in the water). There are two completely unrelated plants called water chestnuts and the ones you had aren't the same as the ones that show up in Chinese food in the US. You could also call them water caltrops if you want to avoid confusion with the other water chestnut.

    It's pretty cool that you're adventurous enough to try eating something completely unfamiliar just because it looks interesting.


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