This One’s Gonna Make You Cry

Thank you for every Saturday morning for the last two years. Thank you for walking with me when my knee gave out during my first double-digit run, thank you for being the one who told me I could keep going. Thank you for not judging me when it took me 5 half-marathons before I could run a full-marathon. Thank you for not running with me and having Starbucks and over-priced bagels instead. Thank you for letting me cry, pout and whine. Thank you for running with me before the sun came up and running with me after the sun went down. Thank you for crossing the Golden Gate Bridge with me.

Thank you for agreeing with me that people shouldn’t make their dogs run next to them while they ride a bike. Thank you for agreeing that babies always need hats and socks and sunscreen. Thank you for talking to me candidly about boys and sports bras and life. Thanks for being the best running buddy I ever could have asked for.

Thanks for the adventures in far away places. Thanks for the wine and the expensive champagne. Thanks for the hugs and the McDonald’s coffees and for loving the Farmer’s Market as much as I do. Thanks for letting me listen. Thanks for listening to me.

Thanks for always coming shopping with me when you knew I was doing research for work, and thanks for being a fan of Anthropologie and agreeing with me that everything in that store is worth every penny. Thanks for turning me on to drunken goat and to Sauv Blanc and to wine tasting.

Thanks for putting up with the ice and limes in my beer, thanks for supporting my vegetarianism. Thanks for being my e-mail buddy, my shopping buddy, and above all, my running buddy and friend.

Thanks for the sweaty hugs and the tears. Thanks for dealing with my over-enthusiasm at mile 22. Thanks for buying (and wearing) matching sweatshirts with me.

Thank you for understanding my bad tummy and for being such a trooper with your bad tummy. Thank you for understanding my bathroom breaks and for having Imodium for me. Thanks for hating my guts as much as I do. Thank you for bonding with me from the beginning. Thank you for not ever running more than a 10-minute mile. I could never keep up if you ran any faster. Thanks for the 3-hour half marathons and the 6-hour marathon. I was never out to break any records anyways.

Thank you for hosting the best ugly Christmas sweater party ever. And for running with me on Super Bowl Sunday.

Promise me you will live it up in New York. Promise you will do what your heart desires and promise you will fight for what’s worth fighting for. Promise you’ll drink good wine and listen to good music and read good books. Promise me you’ll find more than one good farmer’s market. Promise you’ll call me and e-mail me and promise you’ll come back here and we can go wine tasting again and run on the beach like we used to and talk about our lives. Promise me if I buy you a Bluetooth you’ll run with me remotely. Promise me you’ll never replace me.

Because you, Running Buddy Selena, are irreplaceable.

Promise me you know I’ll always be here for you, and that I’m always just a bbm away. Promise me you know how proud I am of you, and that your new job and new life in New York are going to be amazing. I have every once of faith in my heart in you and in your future.

Promise I’ll never forget the thousands of miles we spent running together, even though starting tomorrow we will be thousands of miles apart.

Promise I’ll love you forever…thank you for everything. I’d run every mile over again with you in a heartbeat.


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