My Weekend and the Next Month

I have been quite absent lately, I know. It all started when I went back home and ate nothing but gourmet food and wine for four days and returned a bit rounder than I had left.
For me, food is for fun. And the MORE fun it is, the more I want to make, and hence, the more I eat. Now, I'm not always making cupcakes or cookies, most of my recipes are waist friendly in moderation. So I sort of put myself in a time out, and threw myself into work, and really started to be a rockstar in that department.
I got my first HUGE order last week from a major retailer...and I'm so excited. I also found out about three days ago that when I leave today for Tokyo and China, I'll be there for a month. Yes, one whole calendar MONTH. 31 sleeps!
My plane takes off in a few hours, and there's a man in the next room who needs a month worth of kisses before I go.
Still working on mobile blogger (but as you can see from the night shot of Balboa Island I took this weekend) it is possible.
Promise I won't leave you hanging for a month.
And any ideas of what to blog about while I'm there would be most appreciated? What do you want to know about my trips? What should I do while I'm there? If you were in China for a month, what would YOU blog about?

Talk to you soon Loves!
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  1. Have a great time!

    I've always wondered, do you have language issues when traveling for business or do you speak the language? If not, how do you communicate.

  2. Your man needs TONS of kisses! I don't know if I could leave mine for a month.

    As for what to blog about. I'd LOVE to see pics of the local culture/nature. I'll never get to Japan or China. That's the reason I used to watch the Amazing Race.

  3. Safe Travels to you! I'd also love to see pics of the local culture! Have a great time! xxoo :)

  4. Have a safe trip, hon! I'm just happy to hear from you, no matter what it's about!


  5. Congrats on the order and have a blast while across the pond!!

  6. Have fun girl. Sort of because you'll be working. ;) Food is always a good blog topic, strange things you encounter (like weird soda machines, or toilets, or buildings or whatever), street life or something.
    Hope you had a safe flight!

  7. i'm really curious about food in china - i haven't been there in forever, and especially not since i have become interested in food!


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