Do not run with a Chihuahua. I'm only mentioning this because as a runner, and as someone who is frequently out and about in places where people like to run with their dogs, I'm warning you: If I see you pulling your Chihuahua behind you again as you run a 2 hour marathon pace, it's not going to be pretty.

Leila is sad just thinking about someone pulling her behind them!

 Poor puppy. I just can't stand people who are mean to animals. Animals can't say "Stop!" or "Mommy, you're running too fast for me!" Chihuahuas have very tiny, short legs, and need to run 10 times your speed to keep up. Please do me a favor and read this, or this, before trying to run with any dog. Want to adopt a dog? Here's a list of dogs that are good runners. Notice very few small breeds make the list.

Think about choices, and how dogs have none. Be sweet to those little sweetie pies! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to take off my Puppy Police uniform and crawl into bed.


  1. my pup loves to run with us....she's a chocolate lab. Definitely on the list!

  2. you know what peeves me? the folks who leash their dogs to their bikes and ride away. they don't get it that dogs do not have the ability to sweat and therefore, they are attempting to breath and pant on overload. i always have to look away when i see this.

    i am with you....i have two dogs on a lab and one a lab mix and i would never put them through my running course....never.

  3. i don't run, but abe does with julius and says he can be a real pain sometimes....

  4. Cute :) I have a mini dachshund and I NEVER thought he'd be able to keep up with me running. I've never taken him running, but he likes to run on walks, so I've tested it out a few times and he loves it :)


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