Litchis On Stems and Other Things I Love About China

Well, hello there! I landed Friday afternoon from my fourth trip to China, and have been recovering resting ever since. I had an awesome trip, but crossing 15 time zones is no joke. I am getting used to my new surroundings, and I'm learning so much Chinese I continue to impress myself!

One thing I did to help the jet lag was to eat lots of fruit and make sure I got plenty of rest. My sleeping was definitely on track, and in my quest to eat lightly, I discovered a few fruit stands on the street surrounding my hotel in Shanghai. By the end of my 10 day visit, I was a regular. And I lost 2kg! (Which is almost 5lbs.!)

One of my favorite treats at the fruit stand was the amazing selection of cheap tropical fruit. Litchis in particular were in season and delicious. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them on stems, tied up in an adorable little bouquet!

I was told this is very common there, but I'd never seen litchis on stems here in the U.S. And what can I say, I guess I'm easily impressed.

I'm off to make dinner for my Meatless Monday post tomorrow and to catch up on all of your lovely blogs while resting in my cozy pants. Hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. when i was in taiwan i had lychee straight off the trees - but my mom never gets them here b/c she's a lychee snob and says they're not worth it. probably better, b/c then you're eating local too!!!

  2. i just bought some lychees from the japanese store, but a styrafoam tray doesn't compare in presentation to the stems.

  3. when we lived in hawaii we'd have lychee and yogurt everyday. Delish!

  4. Oh, thats really cool. I've never seen them on Stems before

  5. i love lychees! haven't had them in a while, and this post makes me want to go out and find some! :)

  6. I've never even had lychee. But I've had comfy pants! And they. Are. Fabulous. Enjoy, my love.


  7. The lychee's are gorgeous. I love the way they present them. So much more appetizing than on this side of the pond.


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