China Round 4

Well, today I leave for China for what will be my fourth trip in as many months. And that's a random panda, because 1.) They are the national animal of China, and 2.) I love me some panda. While we're at it, let's look at more panda pics!

Stop! Don't shoot!

Hahaha. That was fun. Aren't pandas the cutest animals ever? Besides Leila, of course. On my trip, I'm most looking forward to working hard, eating cheap tropical fruit, and catching up with some me-time. I never watched The Sopranos (like have never seen a single episode), so I bought Season 1 to bring with me. I'm really excited about that. I'm sorry I won't be around much...I'm still trying to figure out mobile blogging. So if you see some jacked-up posts with zero formatting and completely un-photoshopped pictures, you'll know that's just China Me posting from the road.

And I promise when I get back, no complaining about jet lag. Because, trust me, even I'm sick of that. I know I'll sleep better this trip with the help of sleeping pills natural sleep remedies. And I have a ton of shopping to do which always makes me happy. Yes, I can honestly say the next two weeks are going to be fun.

I have my new camera packed, so get ready for lots of fun pictures of China! Can't wait to play tourist all over Shanghai with my fancy-schmancy new toy.

Make sure to stop by this Thursday, I have a scheduled post for a very special day!


  1. Good luck honey! Enjoy it. It takes some adjusting but I think you are going to nail this business travel. Enjoy!!! One of my best buds lives in Shanghai. xoxox

  2. I LOVE PANDAS!!! my fave part of going to china when i was a teenager was seeing them. i think julius looks a little like one, with the black around his eyes....

  3. Goodness you are busy! I love the panda pics. The last one cracks me up!

  4. omg baby pandas!! My fav thing every is that panda sneeze video haha. Safe travels! :)

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Thanks for your comments! Hope you stop by again soon! XO!