Shanghai Expo 2010

Okay, I'll admit it. Of the last 10 days I was working in China, I took 3/4 of one day off. I felt incredibly guilty, as I'm there to work, and in China weekends are part of the work week, but hey, a girl needs 3/4 of a day off every once and a while.

And so, I was escorted to the Shanghai Expo 2010, essentially the World's Fair of our time. I had first heard of the Expo during a trend presentation at a fashion conference last year, and I literally said to myself, "I'm going to go to that." Now at the time, I was working for my last job where I seldom traveled, and knew a vacation to China wasn't in the cards for me. Funny how things work out, huh? Here I am, now at my new company, and had the opportunity to go see pavilions from over 100 countries at the Shanghai Expo 2010.

Here's the official website of the event - definitely worth checking out if you have a moment. On the DAY I visited, so did over 500,000 others. Can you believe that? Just me and a half million people. This is a big deal in Shanghai, with 95% of the visitors being domestic tourists from China. Over 70 million visitors are expected to attend the Expo before it closes on October 31st of this year.

That's Haibo, the mascot of the Expo. He's literally everywhere. I thought about buying one to bring back home, but I'm not really sure what I would have done with such a cute creature. To me, he looks like a combination of the Crest toothpaste swirl and a squashed Gumby.

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my weekend and to make tomorrow's Meatless Monday dish for dinner! Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday!



  1. wow that is so cool Erin!! you captured the details of this expo so vividly, loved looking through all the photos :)

  2. I want that kids hat! Awesome. :)

  3. What fabulous pictures! And look at all those people!!! Hole smokes!

  4. The pictures are great, but 500,000 people would have had me out the door. I'm a bit claustrophobic.

  5. What amazing pictures! your so lucky to have a job where you can travel like that! soo cool!

  6. wow, what gorgeous photos...looks amazing!! so lucky that you are getting all these cool travel experiences!!


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