An American Girl in a Shanghai Kitchen

You can take a girl out of California, but you can't take California out of the girl. You certainly can't tell her what to eat when she's left alone for her first solo dinner in a week. In China. You can't tell her to consume MSG and you most certainly cannot expect her to enjoy four courses. She won't make any promises at all.

She will however, splurge on fruit. Every fruit that she finds fancy at City Shop:

She'll fill her basket with all things yummy. Things like wine and berries and fruits of sheer imagination.

Fruit like Mangosteen, that she previously considered to be rumor. "Fairytales," she thought. "Mangosteen is the fruit of dreams and imagination, not of dinners in a Shanghai kitchen."

"Fooey!" City Shop said, as it piled the tropical fruits high in her basket. "Mangosteen is the perfect dinner for an American Girl in a Shanghai kitchen!"

The American Girl thought the Mangosteen tasted of tangerine and kiwi and rainbows and sunshine. She continued on...

Lychees and Longan and teeny-tiny itty-bitty Mangoes, Peaches with red and green so vibrant and clean. A pear so juicy and crisp...this fruit she couldn't resist! Yum Berries and a Dragonfruit were over the top...fruit fit for royalty no less.

In the end, the American Girl was happy. It clearly was a dinner fit for an American Shanghai Princess.


  1. i have always wanted to try fresh mangosteen!!!

  2. YAY!! A blog post from you:) I loveeeeee Mangosteen so much!!!! I hope you're having a wonderful time with all your travels.

  3. What an amazing feast! Glad you're home! Can't wait to seeeeee you!!!

  4. I wish I could be in your Shanghai kitchen with you!

  5. That mangosteen is the weirdest looking fruit I've ever seen! Almost too pretty to eat!

  6. That mangosteen is very cool looking. I've never seen one and it sounds yummy!


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