What a busy tax week! I can't believe April 15th is right around the corner! I'm reluctantly mailing my taxes tomorrow (along with some money I'd rather spend on shopping) and I'm already dreading the lines at the post office. Hopefully the state of California can use some of my money to hire extra postal workers...goodness knows we need them around here! I have yet to walk into an uncrowded post office in this state.

Are you lucky enough to get a refund? If so, what are you spending it on? Let me live vicariously through you!!!

And onto other things...I'm leaving for my next China/Japan trip this weekend. Anyone want to guest post? All topics and forums are welcome! I love all of you and would love for you to share your thoughts with the other readers of this blog! Even if you don't have a blog! Or even if you've shared the same guest post with someone else! Let me know. I'm going to have room for 8 different posts! E-mail me at livingandlovinginla@gmail.com if you're interested!

Hope you are having a good week! Even if it IS tax week!


Thanks for your comments! Hope you stop by again soon! XO!