Help! I've Lost My Motivation!

Desperately Seeking Motivation to Exercise!

Reward: $1,000,000

Last seen: Sometime around October 2009 (Possibly left home after running the Nike Women's Marathon.)

Motivation has been replaced with (in no particular order):
1. Cocoa Krispies
2. Sleeping in
3. Chocolate bars
4. Pretty Wild on E!
5. Snuggling
6. Shopping
7. Practicing walking in high heels
8. Traveling to China
9. Trying to figure out where to sign on my taxes
10. Poor weather
11. Cozy pants
12. Curled up in a ball with horrible writhing stomach pain
13. Brushing my hair
14. Working on converting all of my muscle to fat
15. Changing lightbulbs in hard to reach places
16. Traffic
17. Catching up with Tivo
18. Learning Mandarin
19. Watering my only houseplant
20. Manicures/Pedicures/Waxing
21. The shoe store next to my gym
22. Practicing my impression of Sarah Palin
23. Applying extra eyeliner in the morning
24. Checking work e-mail on my Blackberry at all hours of the night
25. Cleaning the closet
26. Creating an earthquake disaster preparedness kit
27. Thinking of Meatless Monday recipes
28. Sticking pantyliners in my shoes for extra comfort
29. Hitting the snooze button
31. Juicing every carrot I can find
31. Rat-proofing my apartment

Now, ccording to Zenhabits.com, here's a list of 31 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise:
  1. How you feel after a workout.
  2. Time for you.
  3. Calories burned.
  4. Having fun.
  5. How you’re going to look.
  6. Magazines.
  7. Cover models.
  8. Blogs.
  9. Success stories.
  10. Forums.
  11. Rewards.
  12. Fitting into new clothes.
  13. Being attractive.
  14. Adrenaline rush.
  15. Stress relief.
  16. Time for contemplation.
  17. A workout partner.
  18. An exercise class.
  19. A coach or trainer.
  20. An exercise log/graph.
  21. Your before picture.
  22. A 5K race or triathlon.
  23. The dread of feeling “yuck” from not exercising.
  24. Living long enough to see your grandkids … and play with them.
  25. The scale.
  26. Reaching a goal.
  27. Posting it on your blog.
  28. Motivational quotes.
  29. Books.
  30. Others commenting on how good you look.
  31. An upcoming day at the beach, or a reunion.
I get it. Those are all good things. But my list is better, at least, for me now. My 28th birthday is less than a month away. Maybe by then I'll find my motivation? I want to look cute in my birthday pictures! Vanity is SUCH a good reason to exercise.

Also, Running Buddy Selena and I are running together this Saturday, our first day back at it since our last half marathon in January and since she hurt her poor little foot. We're thinking of running a half this summer at some point. I'm crossing my fingers that my motivation comes back so I can call myself a runner once again.

Now if you'll excuse me, Wo xu yao lian xi han yu. (I have to go practice my Chinese.)



  1. Bah! How's your SP impression coming along? I'll pay to hear that one...

    Here's some motivation...
    What about the Disneyland Half Marathon in September?
    And by "what about" I mean "What about you & I run it?"

  2. My motivation to exercise is also gone...replaced by a different sort of motivation...stuffing my face!

    Wait, hold up...pantyliners in shoes work?

  3. Your funny, I'm so unmotivated as well. But I bet way worse than you. Good luck getting the motivation you are wanting. I know working out makes you feel so good so why the heck can't we just do it!!!!

  4. so sorry you owed in....alot. That sucks. Been there.

    Motivation...well you have a ridic full life and you will hit your stride again w/ the gym stuff and motivation..soon :)

  5. List number one looks like the fun one to me! :)


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