Guest Post: Running Buddy Selena - Three Fun Facts About Erin

Hello everyone! This is Runny Buddy Selena here. While Miss Erin is off getting her passport stamped I’m (hopefully) going to keep you entertained with a few posts of my own this week. I thought I’d start off by sharing with you three fun facts (which I just adore) about her:

1.) She knows her way around the Farmer’s Market.

This is no joke, you guys. I have yet to stump Erin. I can point to the ugliest, weirdest, most obscure fruit or vegetable and she’ll not only know exactly what it is, but she’ll also provide me with at least three different ways it can be prepared. It’s pretty amazing and very educational.

2.) She is a top notch long run organizer. When we first started marathon training on our own (as opposed to when we did it with AIDS Marathon) Erin sent me the most beautiful color coordinated training schedules (broken down by month) complete with pictures and lots of motivation. Each and every Saturday we’d meet in our usual spot and she’d have with her a printed out map of our route highlighting designated water (or iced tea) stops, clean public restrooms, and the exact times when we were to eat our snacks. The night before the Nike Women’s Marathon Erin sat on her bed in our hotel room surrounded by various gus, gels, and bars.
Never before have I seen someone work with such joy as she organized them based on the order in which we would consume them the next day. It was the cutest thing in the entire planet. And I have photographic evidence.

3.) She loves small stuff. I’m talking LOVES in all capital letters, people. Whether it be samples handed out at a race expo, hotel room soaps, or a travel sized anything I can promise you that it will light up Erin’s eyes and put the biggest smile on her face. Trying to keep her contained at Strabucks this holiday season was a real challenge.

Between their Christmas ornaments that looked like tiny lattes and the travel French Press it had the potential to get really ugly (for her bank account only, as that stuff is actually really, really cute). I think one of the reasons we work so well together as a running team is because she knows I have zero interest in whatever swag comes in my race packet. Erin takes it off my hands and everyone is a winner.

In other words, she’s the best and I’m so lucky to have her in my life.

Edited to add: I LOVE YOU, SELENA!!! Thanks so much for being the best running buddy ever! I can't wait to see where life (or our next race) takes us! Here's to many, many more organized races with delicious snacks, farmer's markets, and friendship!

And hello loves! Japan is amazing! And guess what? There are tiny little sample-sized things everywhere here! Can't wait to tell you all about it when I get home in a week.



  1. Glad to have met you Erin... I know you are one amazing lady and judging by how Selena describes you, I was not mistaken. Have fun in Japan!

  2. Now I can't wait to meet Running Buddy Selena, too! Great post, darling. I always love getting to know more about Erin! Now I can't wait to know more about you! xo

  3. Great post! I really like learning more about my fellow bloggers!

  4. What a super cute post. It sounds like you know her well. Erin seems like such a great fun girl. I'm glad you shared all these fun facts about her with us.

  5. thanks running buddy selena! fun post!

  6. Aaaw, i wish i had an LA running buddy too. You guys are too cute!
    PS- Erin and Selena, i came to your blog this morning for motivation to go out and run- i was dragging my feet and now i'm hitting the pavement.Thanks girls - you are an inspiration!

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