Teddy and Grubby

Does anyone remember Teddy Ruxpin and his friend Grubby? I had both, compete with all of the tapes that you would put in their backs to make them talk and sing. In fact, I was so protective of Teddy and Grubby that I wouldn't let my little brother, Philip, touch them.

"My Teddy and Grubby," I would yell, in my most threatening voice. (Even now, thinking of myself as ever being "threatening" is laughable.)

They were sort of weird toys, now that I think about it. Doesn't the little vest Teddy wears look like a straitjacket? Or maybe a life vest? OR a BULLET-PROOF VEST?!?!? What kind of activities were you partaking in, Teddy?

Don't even get me started on Grubby. What is Grubby anyway? Is he a worm? A spider? A centipede? He only has 6 legs!!!

Just in case you missed the 80's, here's the original commercial that aired in 1987:

Isn't that the greatest EVER? I want it to be the 80's right now! Then I could have big hair, and wear big shoulder pads and not worry about body hair...just kidding. I would SO not wear shoulder pads!!!


Did I really just write that? All of the Cocoa Krispies I've been consuming lately have officially gone to my head. We're in trouble.

I've heard Cocoa Krispie brain is hard to fix.


  1. ahhhhh loved my teddy ruxpin and the videos!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I loved that bear even when he didn't work anymore lol

  3. Greatest.post.ever. Even more so because I've just consumed more wine then I have in months. Yup, mark it down. Redhead drunken comment.

  4. apparently my dad was one of those parents who went out and stood in line at toys 'r' us at 5am the day after thanksgiving to buy me a teddy ruxpin for christmas...teddy was big that year

    i have always called him teddy rupskin...probably because i couldn't pronounce ruxpin and then it stuck.

    i still have my original teddy, and grubby, and a back-up teddy...and i'm pretty sure they still work...and i'm pretty sure i had a poster of their land in my room and i used to go there...but that might have been a dream

    last christmas i was at costco with my mom and THEY HAD A NEW AND IMPROVED TEDDY RUXPIN! i asked my mom to buy it for me and she said no...probably because i'm 25...oh well...

  5. TEDDY! I love Teddy! We had both Teddy and Grubby (who is a GRUB, duh!). I kid because I love. But we used Teddy so much that this speaker wore out, so his mouth just moved and made that overly loud mechanical sound. Poor Teddy.


  6. My Teddy was a dud. Ok, so he worked for many years. Then his little motor mouth tired out and he stopped moving it when he talked. Creepy right? And then he eventually started smelling funny, like melting wires and burnt plastic. Mom made him go bub-bye after that point. I cried for days.

  7. OH MAN! My brother had Teddy & I had Grubby. We had to share. But I absolutely loved them! You just brought me back, oh, 20 years or so? Hahaha!

  8. I used to LOVEEE my Teddy.. not sure what happened to him? My mom probably donated it. Great post!!

  9. This reminds me of a TV Teddy thing my brother used to have. I don't think we had Teddy & Grubby in Europe when we were kids.

    And I think Grubby is a grub! Like those things Timon from the Lion King eats :)

  10. hello twin! you are repeating the story of my childhood. of course, i was screaming at my little sisters to get away from them...so much so that my mom had to buy my sister a talking big bird who worked just like teddy and grubby to get her off my back. ah, the 80s!!! glad your job is going so well! drinks when it settles a bit??

  11. woahhh! i had a teddy ruxpin! creepy little bastard he was.

  12. I've never heard of Grubby. Where the heck was I in the 80's? Oh yeah, high school. Yikes!

    And if Cocoa Krispies makes you care less about body hair, let me at it! ; )

  13. I was helping my mom in the garage today and opened a box and what was inside?? Not only one of our Teddy rupskins (lol) but also a bundle of Disney book-on-records!

  14. i remember teddy! but i have no idea who grubby is.

  15. I remember Teddy and Grubby and good thing you still have them now.

    And I was laughing at your 80's comment... I agree with you... the shoulder pads which I thought was so cool way back is one of the things I wouldn't be caught wearing now.

    Have a great day Erin! xoxo


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