I Put Some New Shoes On

Tell me you don't just LOVE this song...I know you do!

So I bought some new shoes. It was long overdue. I might just be the only fashion designer in the world who doesn't care much about what I put on my feet. Which reminds me of a line from this preview for one of my favorite movies:

Anyway, I made the decision to step up my footwear. And boy, oh boy, are my poor feet rebelling against me. Two days of heels, and I have blisters to rival those of a 26.2 mile race (trust me, I remember quite well) and my calves are nice and tender to boot. But hey, my feet have been really cute on the outside!

So now I'm on a mission to get even more shoes, this time of the more-comfortable-yet-still-visually-appealing variety.

Here are a few I think are cute, and won't cause me to need foot surgery in a few years. Thoughts?

Fergie Isotope Sandal, $69, Piperlime.com

Pink Studio Gilmore Flat, $75, Piperlime.com

Arturo Chiang Hummel Espadrille, $69, Piperlime.com

AK Anne Klein Sestine Wedge, $75, Piperlime.com

Arturo Chiang Valeska Flat, $89, Piperlime.com

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments over the last few days. It makes my life so much easier to know that I have a far-reaching support system out there! So thanks again, and keep it up! I love and value your comments so much!



  1. That song is my ring tone for my daughter on my cell phone...love it!!

  2. oh how i love cute shoes. my aching feet don't though.

  3. I'm a tad obsessed with shoes, but actually on a day to day basis, I always find myself choosing footwear based on comfort. I like the first ones best. So cute!

  4. I love the floral espadrilles and the yellow wedges. Probably the least practical colorwise but so danged cute!


  5. girl those are some seriously cute shoes! i live in my rainbow brand flips!

  6. Love the Artura Espadrille...so colorful. :) I'm in need of some cute new shoes too. I may have 300 pairs but nothing seems to work for this spring season. ;) The usual, huh?! :)

    Have a great day girl. xoxo

  7. The espadrilles for sure. My fave. And the first ones. I love those sandals.

  8. Ok first of all, AHHH CLUELESS HOW I LOVE YOU! One of my all time favorite movies ever. My mom and I quote it way to much to even admit.

    Second, I totally understand the shoes, blisters and soreness. But no worries it takes a week or two of wearing them and some really good band aids placed in the right spots for your feet to toughen in those spots and suddenly those shoes will feel just perfect all day long.
    I understand if you decide not to go to the trouble of breaking them in. I just can't live without my fun wedges and heels so I do it every year. Today I put on a pair of new wedges and I'm in the "break in" stage. Killer but worth it.

    I loved the first two flats and the wedges you have posted. So cute!


Thanks for your comments! Hope you stop by again soon! XO!