Don't Forget To Enter My Giveaway!

Today is the last day to enter my Vega bar giveaway! Winner will be announced tomorrow at 1pm PST.

In unrelated news, I've worn heels for a solid week now, and my feet are finally getting used to it! I used to wonder how on earth girls could wear heels all day and survive, and now I know! I'm loving the air up here. I'm finally growing up.

Promise I'll post over the weekend, but tonight Megan is coming over for dinner as she's home on Spring Break (I wish I had a Spring Break, YOU'RE SO LUCKY MEGAN!) so I'll see you again Friday for the winner!

Now, I know I've asked for your travel tips, but anyone have advice on stuff to pack for China that I might be forgetting? Thanks to your comments, I'm going to roll my clothes, wear wrinkle-free clothes on the plane, bring Advil, Pepto and Tylenol PM, eat dried cranberries, take Bach Flower Essences and melatonin, bring lots of snacks and wear lots of layers, walk around the plane so I don't get swollen, bring my toothbrush, comb and deodorant in my carry-on, consume extra anti-oxidants and wear lots of moisturizer. WOW. You guys give great advice!!! So any last words on what to pack? I think I'll do a packing post on Sunday and show you all what I brought. Perpetually bummed by that pesky 50lb. weight limit. Stupid rules!



  1. Just remember that you won't be able to access you blog, facebook, and twitter while you're in China! I think you're pretty much set for the flight. Maybe bring an extra blanket or one of those neck pillows?

  2. I love that your walking in heels now. I absolutely love and live in my heels. Good for you!

    I hope your trip to China goes well. That's so exciting that your such a jet setter. Keep us updated.

  3. wow i can't believe you are used to walking in heels! you're in my inspiration!

  4. You forgot to add water to the list! I'd also say a mister, but they'll take that at check-in.

    China have fun.


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