Census 2010

Tonight I'm filling out my Census form and getting ready for the first day at my new job tomorrow! You know I don't talk a lot about work on here, but I'll try and let you know how it went in tomorrow's post.
The Census is a lot simpler than I thought it would be. And I was so excited to fill in a million little bubbles! Oh well. Who would have thought I'd ever miss filling in bubbles? Wasn't that SAT test 10 years ago enough for me?
How was your Monday? Mine was spent getting ready for the new job, doing a Target run (cannot get out of that place with out spending at least $100!) and stocking up on some pantry and fridge items. I made Spaghetti tonight after seeing Elizabeth's vegan Spaghetti and Neatballs this morning, I knew I had to have it! So now I'm full...just sitting here filling out the bubbles!
See you tomorrow loves!


  1. ahh! The Census!! I don't know if I have to fill that out or not? Probably not, I'm Canadian!!! I'll have to call... SOMEONE.. and find out lol

  2. I had a Dr. appt. today. Oh Joy! : ) I also love filling out little bubbles!

  3. Hope tomorrow goes great for ya!!!

  4. I hope you have an absolutely amazing day! I can't wait to hear all about it. You deserve nothing but the most fun, exciting, and rewarding job!


  5. Fingers are definitely crossed for you Erin! :) So happy for you!!! :D


  6. I love surveys, so I can't wait to get our census!

    I've been thinking of you all day! Hope it went well. Can't wait to know!

  7. i just got mine! i'm actually excited to fill it out!


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