Want. Need. Now! Thankyouverymuch...

It only takes one picture like this to remind me why I am in the fashion industry. Need, instantly, those shoes, that Rodarte sweater, that cat. And I don't even like cats. Sorry. I'm deathly allergic...takes the fun right out of it. But look at it's cute jeweled collar!

Hope you're all having a great week. My tummy is acting up, so I'm heading to bed early tonight.



  1. I loved your last post, everything from tattoos (kinda suprised you dont, i have a half dozen always contemplating more) and the cursing. I have a truck driver's mouth and am a work in progress on that one.

    Your tummy. Girl. I hear you, i know how it is. TAKE CARE of yourself :)

  2. i'm allergic to cats too. they, of course, love me. hope your stomach fees better!

  3. those shoes are amazing!! wow i would want them too :)

    cats are not my favorite..
    hope your stomach feels better soon!

  4. The sweater I like, but the shoes - I'm not that coordinated to walk in those.

    I hope your stomach is feeling better soon.

  5. hot damn those shoes are SERIOUS!! I have never been able to rock heels 'cause I'm so dang tall -- such a shame! I shall live vicariously through you :)

  6. Love your blog! Not sure how I found you, but I have read all of your posts and I just wanted to de-lurk and say hi!

  7. Hope yout tummy is feeling better....

    That kitten is the cutest!!

  8. I love those shoes too, but I'd have to go for the cheaper version. Say ... from ... Alloy or something haha! (I've been looking, they have some cute ones)

    I did get your quinoa email, I thought I emailed you back, but I think I was planning on doing that later when I wasn't iPhoning my email ...

    I have hopes of trying it tonight, i think I'm going to mix art. hearts with tomatoes and greens to see what I get. I'm not really sure!

    My box says: No rinsing required! Prerinsed! Am I good or should I rinse with strainer anyways?

  9. So cute. I LOVE those shoes. How fun!! The cat looks super cute too. haha. I hope you feel better hon!


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