Spicy Tuscan White Bean Stew

My Farm Fresh box last week contained more than enough items to make a soup of some sort, and being that I was headed out on a business trip, I knew a soup could get me through the week, and give me enough leftovers to freeze as well. When I make family-size recipes, I usually just store the rest in Ziploc containers and eat whatever I made for lunch throughout the week. Here's last week's One Pasta, Six Ways in my fridge ready to go for the rest of the week:

But sometimes, when the recipe either makes too much, or I know I'll be out of town, I stick some of those Ziploc containers in the freezer and make my own version of frozen dinners.

Here are a few pictures of my Farm Fresh box from last week:

Wouldn't you have made a stew? (By the way, Rachael was totally right, I still haven't eaten the pears that came with this week's box. My aversion continues following Rat-gate 2010.)

Spicy White Bean Stew
Serves 8

2 Tbs. Olive Oil
4-5 Cloves Garlic, diced
1 White Onion, roughly chopped
1 1/2 C. Dried White (Cannelini) Beans, soaked for 24 hours, or 2 Cans Cannelini Beans (I got my dried beans from the bulk section at Whole Foods, 1 1/2 Cups only cost me about $.50)
4-5 Carrots, sliced into coins
4 Stalks Celery, diced
2 Leeks (Washed and sliced into coins; white parts only)
1 Tsp. Sea Salt
About 8 C. Water, you might need more or less
1 Large Can Whole San Marzano Tomatoes and Juice, chopped into quarters
1 Tbs. Italian Seasoning
1 Tsp. Red Chili Flakes
1 Bunch Kale, ribs removed and sliced into strips


In a heavy bottomed pan*, saute garlic and onions in olive oil. Add soaked beans and stir, cooking for about 6-8 minutes. Add carrots, celery and leeks, sprinkle with the salt, stir and cook a few minutes longer, until veggies are sweating and starting to get tender. Cover with water until water is about 1/2" higher than the vegetables in the pot. Bring to a boil, cover and simmer about 1 hour, until beans are tender. Add tomatoes, spices and kale, cook about 5 minutes longer. Serve!

*I was lucky enough to get a Le Creuset pot (seen above) for Christmas after one was donated to the thrift shop at my Grandma's retirement village. She volunteers her time to help with the shop, and called me upon making this discovery. $40 later, the $204 Le Creuset pot was mine. Do you check out thrift shops? I don't have enough time to do so, but if your mom or grandma or relatives do, have them be on the lookout for you! Give them pictures of items you like, and have them call you if they see what you're looking for! I promise they'd be happy to help!

Happy Monday!


  1. I've missed you so much!
    And I'm so excited to make this stew!

  2. I love soup/stew and this looks fabulous, I'll definately need to try it out!

  3. Wow...great looking stew! I love anything with beans in it!


  4. What a terrific pot of soup!

    And speaking of the pot...what a steal, girl! :)

  5. That looks so yummy! It's only breakfast, but i would have a bowl!!

  6. Love the great deal you got on the pot! Soup looks really yummy as well. Perfect for rainy days.

  7. An LA designer, huh? What fun! Very nice to meet you, I really enjoyed my visit here :)!

  8. I love the le creuset deal! and i dont thrift shop in 2nd hand stores, but i am cheap and love a good bargain. I research everything on the internet b4 i buy it just to make sure im not getting ripped off!

    love the tuscan action.

    and your comment to me re food allergies, how you feel, tummy issues, oh girl, i totally agree and staying off our allergens is KEY for overall physical and therefore mental health!

  9. ciao from Tuscany we make something similar called ribollita..I love your bio and in Tuscany right now everyone is crazy about farmer's markets! I wish I were living in L.A.! Oriana of Tuscanycious.com


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