I'm Not Cool Enough To Be Lost

There are a few things that I just never caught on to. You'd think being in fashion that it would be my job (literally) to be on top of it all, but I continue to fail miserably time and time again with my complete defiance towards certain trends in pop culture. In fact, sometimes, defiant isn't even the word. I thought I'd highlight a few for you, some from the past and some that are very much happening right now.

1. Lost. I'm completely lost as to what this show is even about. Something about an island, right? Granted, I've never seen a single episode. And now that it's in the last season, why bother at this point. Kind of like how I'm currently boycotting Jersey Shore, and that whole "situation." But these two shows don't even put a dent in the list of TV shows I've refused to watch over my lifetime, I could write a whole post on that subject alone.

2. Toe Rings. Random, I know. It's my list. I don't wear rings on my fingers either (at least not yet...) and so I'm not about to start by putting them on my feet. Plus, while I used to have super cute toes, that whole running marathons thing solved that problem.

3. Tattoos. I don't have any, and never will. It's just not for me. Actually, I went through a period of time in college where I used to have tattoo nightmares, in which literally my entire torso and limbs would be completely covered in tattoos, and I had no idea how they got there, or any idea how to get rid of them.

4. Nicole Richie-esque Sunglasses. I have one pair of sunglasses, Paul Smith aviators, and they have lasted over three years. Which for sunglasses is like a hundred years.

This is the pair I have, and I'll never replace them, except with an identical pair. They are kind of my thing. And The Boyfriend has the same pair. We're like those elderly couples who wear matching track suits, only we're just starting with the same sunglasses.
And while you could argue that aviators are very trendy, they have been around since the 1930's. Trust me, I googled it.

5. Short Hair. I couldn't grow hair until I was two, literally I was bald as a cue ball. People thought I was a boy. So I guess when my blonde baby hair finally grew in, my mom had such a chip on her shoulder from people saying what a cute little boy she had, that I've always had long hair. And a fear of cutting it. I still don't have bangs. I'm such a baby. Someone please come hold my hand so I can finally do it?

6. Swear Words. Maybe this isn't so much a trend, but just a personal choice. I was an English major in college, I know more than my fair-share of words. I don't need to use expletives. When I do, it sounds like a baby swearing, and heads turn. Followed by gasping. My favorite word to say instead of a swear word is "Fuzzy-schnitzel!" I know know where I got that from. It probably came to me in a dream.

7. Harem Pants. One of those fashion trends I tried to ignore as long as possible. The only time I could ever see myself wearing these is if they had really big pockets, and I was going to a really good salad bar. Or if I suddenly had to start wearing diapers and didn't want anyone to know. And maybe not even then.

8. Homeless-Chic. And if for no other reason than I could never do it quite like Mary-Kate. That, and I prefer what hair I've managed to grow brushed.

Coming soon, trends I totally fell for, and lived to tell about. And trust me, it's a much longer (and much scarier) list than this one.


  1. Gotta say this is a pretty cool list. Love FuzzySchnitzel...;) haha...never will I wear a toe ring. Rings to me belong onto fingers, and mine don't have any (yet) but still...they just belong there and not on toes. :( No comment on those harem pants or whatever. Just such a weird thing I won't even try to find a proper word to explain how I feel about them. I actually like Tattoos...but not on me. ;) I like the art behind it, and when the whole ink picture has a great meaning and truly stands for something that person believes in then why not!?! It's not my skin. But yeah, I don't get one ever. Just not me!!!

    Ok, hope you're doing fine girl.
    Have a great day.


  2. Haha, I enjoyed reading your list, and I can agree with some of them! I've never seen lost OR Jersey Shore. There's a lot of hype around them, but I'm just not interested! I don't have any tattoos either, and I hardly ever swear. You HAVE to get bangs!!!! Just go and do it, because if you hate them, they'll grow out in a few weeks :)

  3. Haha I agree with EVERY single one of those! :)

  4. You are HILARIOUS. I can't wait to see what trends you caved to. I was addicted to Aqua Net and my curling iron, if that makes you feel any better.


  5. I've never seen Lost either and have no desire to. I actually agree with you on most points, but I do have a tatoo or 2..... ;)

  6. I like your list. I saw maybe two seasons of Lost before I got really confused and i've stopped watching since. I also dislike tattoos and until recently started wearing rings on my fingers (never on my toes). I do swear a lot though! I try to minimize it but those F bombs just come flying out.

  7. I love this post! LOL! Ok never watched Lost either so I'm totally lost with ya.
    I kinda like toe rings but like you my toes are jacked.
    I have tatoo's and a ton of regret... I HATE those god awful HUGE sunglasses, rock those aviators til death girl!
    Short hair is going to be featured soon on a redhead near you because mine is officially long enough to donate to Locks of Love. Wait for it...
    I swear like a sailor. Bad Redhead.
    Harem pants scare me. For real what are you packing down there that you need to wear a pair of pants like that?!??!
    Homeless Chic... LMAO!!!!!!!!

    You are so fab and I can't wait for the next list!!!!

  8. I completely agree on some of these. Your comments on harem pants cracked me up! I'm relieved to know that even people in the fashion industry don't understand some fashion trends.

  9. love your list!!! im with you on lost, but as an italian american, i find Jersey Shore fascinating... lol and hysterical!!!

  10. bangs bangs bangs do it do it! but please skip the toe ring and harem pants. blech. NOT CUTE!!!!!

  11. really love your list!!!:) Great!! And love your blog..really nice!!


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