Hello, My Name Is Normal

All of my tests came back normal. I am normal. Just a normal, 27-year-old with a fussy gut. And the thing is, I feel so incredibly guilty for thinking that "normal" is a bad thing. Because do you even know how many people out there wish for "normal"? Too many to count.

Obviously, I don't want be "abnormal" I just want to know what's wrong. Because when your tummy sucks, you'd do anything to hear what's wrong and what you could do to fix it.

I didn't tell you, but I spent most of Valentine's weekend curled up in a ball on The Boyfriend's lap, crying in between trips to the bathroom. Not a fun way to spend Valentine's day, not to mention not very romantic. Luckily, I've been blessed to have such an amazing boyfriend who is patient and kind and caring, and would do anything to make me better. Honey, I love you so much. Thank you for everything you do for me, and for always saying "bless you" when I burp like a trucker. I don't know what I'd do with out you.

The doctor told me the next step is to see another specialist. It will be another gastroenterologist, a new one. I've either fired or have been dumped by all the others. They give up easily. Hopefully he will have new insight to lend into my situation. Although I'm guessing there's not much they will be able to do. Part of me thinks I need to explore the naturopath thing, or maybe delve deeper into my food allergies and try to stick to a 100% gluten-free diet religiously. It's just difficult to avoid my allergens completely, although at times I'd do anything to be symptom-free. Even if it means eating Cocoa Krispies and pudding everyday for the rest of my life.

And the crazy thing is, today was a great day! I had an awesome day at work, traffic was light, I went the entire day with out running to the bathroom or belching so loud the opposite end of the building gasped...it was a good day!

Maybe this "normal" thing is something I could get used to. Let's just hope it stays this way.

So tell me...some of you have tummy troubles too...what sets you off? Have you established a "trigger" or are you like me and you just never know? And when you are having symptoms, what treatments make you feel better? Anything you can recommend?

To read more about my tummy, check out this post.

Hope you all had a great Monday! See you tomorrow, loves!


  1. Oh man girl I'm sorry they still haven't figured out what's wrong! :( That is no bueno!

    April over at The Weigh I Am is dealing with similar tummy troubles too, you might want to hit her up and see what she's done through testing.

  2. Myself and both of my kids have stomach issues and one of the main triggers is dairy products and onions for me - which is very hard to give up. I also try to eat gluten free as much as possible, as I definitely feel better when I do. I truly understand what you are going thru. For my daughter - it's much of the same thing as me, which is why we have also been eating vegan, but too much soy is not a good thing either as it gives us both stomach aches. Here's to many more "normal" days! :)

  3. For a while I experienced tummy pain/ nausea after every meal I ate. It was awful. It turns out I had acid reflux. After going on meds, I can eat more regularly now.

  4. So sorry to hear of your GI troubles. My wife has similar problems. GI issues are prevalent on her father's side of the family. Although, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet has been helpful, it is not the complete answer. Fortunately, she is not allergic to almonds, and has been making different breads with almond flour (pricey, but right now it helps.) She was not a big meat eater before and has had to eat more chicken & turkey just to fill her stomach and get her proteins. Plus I make veggie soups that will last her 2-3 days. The problem is after a few weeks of the same foods, it gets very depressing. She has researched the anti acid meds she was prescibed, but what she discovered frightened her more, so has stayed away from them.
    If interested, I will have her contact you..

  5. I get highly frustrated when doctors/specialists tell me that I am "normal" when clearly having an uspet, crampy stomach consistently is NOT normal! It almost feels like we're on our own, ya know? For me, cutting WAY back on diary has helped, but I just know there must be more that can be done. I've been looking into seeing a naturopath myself, but it's quite costly.

    Hope you're feeling somewhat better!

  6. Oh crap I know how you must feel. Weeks ago I had to see my doc because I knew something was wrong, but NOPE...all tests came back normal. Yes, we don't want to be abnormal but at least we want to know what's wrong because it's our body and we know that something isn't right. :(

    So with my tummy problems (among so many other problems apparently) I discovered it is generally stress related. Not just stress at work as in "lots to do and everything needs to be done today by 4pm and then head on over to this office by 4.30 in order to finish this and it needs to be done...etc etc. etc"...but just regular stress...no time for the body to rest completely. Even a very normal day, with its regular routine could be stressful. I figured that one out. of course excitement as in "i'm going to be traveling, or meeting someone, or having an interview with someone, or starting a new job or so" can be called stress too. Or just plain old emotional stress. The worst kind. Sometimes we're not even aware of it. Sometimes it's not even visible and we don't feel it until certain problems occur. :(

    Ha, ya know what...just having that little stinky rat at your place might have triggered this again. Who knows. It's simple, something we might not see as something harmful or so, but it causes stress...maybe mild stress but enough maybe for your tummy to act up. It sure would make mine a living and "walking" hell. Just thinking that at my work we're getting a new computer system that once it is installed will make us lose up to 25,000 important addresses and names and lists and such...this caused my tummy to play some uncool game with me. Still does. And that program isn't installed yet. Don't wanna know what's gonna happen once it is. :( OH NO.

    Feel better soon hun.
    You deserve much better than this ugly tummy problem. Fingers crossed!

    xoxo Selma

  7. wow, that was long. sorry!!!! ;) xoxo

  8. I'm so sorry. There are worse things that pudding and cocoa krispies, though! You've just got to self treat by your own symptoms and trial and error for what irritates your stomach. Lulu had some weird gastro stuff going on for her first year of life and though they couldn't diagnose her with anything, it took me awhile to realize that it really didn't matter. I knew something was up and had to just treat her the way I knew was least upsetting. I'm probably have some gluten free breast milk in the freezer still if you are interested...



  9. when I am having a "bad tummy" day Peppermint tea is my savior. I eat plain like toast, rice, broth, etc. Too many nuts or whole wheat or grains or salad are too rough on my tummy. Though I haven't had a flare up in a while. Stress is also a trigger for me. I started taking acidophilus and monavie (which is an anti inflammatory which I think is related to my flares) I also swear by acupuncture. Have you gone to helpforibs.com?

  10. best of luck figuring everything out!

  11. poor babe! how awful when hearing "normal" isn't a good thing. i hope you can figure out what's wrong!!


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