Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!

I'm so annoyed.

But I don't want to force you to read negative things over this happy holiday weekend, so skip the next section if you want. I promise I won't care. Just do it.


Today started like any other day...up at 5:30am, made coffee, got dressed, covered up yesterday's smeared make-up with some new fresh make-up, got dressed, etc...and then my day turned into one annoyance after another!
First, my computer was refusing to save. It's Friday, and since my company is on a 9/80 schedule only half of the staff is there each Friday. (This is why my weekend starts on Thusrday every other week.) And on this particular day, it seemed like all of the IT staff was off. I restarted. I rebooted. I restarted and THEN rebooted.
Then a plethora of other things happened which are too long to share, and THEN, I chipped my tooth! But I honestly thought one of my fillings was coming out because it was a back molar and I had just been drinking a Boba Tea, and who chips molars on boba tea? So I left work immediately and headed to my dentist. Who I've broken up with after every visit I've had with them, long story, my DMO (the dental form of an HMO) only covers THIS dentist and it literally takes MONTHS to switch and plus I don't know of any good dentists in L.A. anyway. Everyone I've asked for a referral is like, "Oh no, I HATE my dentist! I'd never never send you there!"
Regardless, they sanded down the gigantic chip ("Just how did you chip the side of your back molar?" my dentist said scratching his head, "that's the weirdest place I've ever seen a chipped tooth in twenty years of dentistry.") Then, to add insult to injury, I got a cleaning too. After I broke up with them last time, I swore I'd never go back, so it's been a good 9 months since I've had my teeth cleaned. Gross, I know. Well, I certainly felt gross, after all that scraping and poking and the SCREAMING, I screamed so loud. I have sensitive gums. They STILL hurt.
To make myself feel better, I stopped by Whole Foods to get dinner, nice soft sushi and seaweed salad. $6.17 worth of seaweed salad to be exact, not like I'd know except for the fact that IT DIDN'T GET PUT IN MY BAG. So I called Whole Foods, and in my poutiest voice said, "I'm so bummed. I paid for seaweed salad and I didn't get it! I'm so hungry and my teeth hurt!"
Well they were really nice about it. In fact, I'm pretty sure they actually felt bad. I'm going back tomorrow for my refund. Plus, it will get me out of the house early.
Just when I thought I was in the clear, I went to open my GT's Kombucha (which I only splurge on for special occasions, since it's like $4 a bottle) and it exploded EVERYWHERE! Yikes...Whole Foods! Don't you know Kombucha is lightly carbonated and needs to be gingerly placed in the bag?
So here I am covered in Kombucha, with aching gums and only half of my dinner, but I'm in a really good mood!


Today is FRIDAY! And that means that we survived the week! Hooray! I'm going to experiment with a super-secret Valentine's day treat for the BF tonight and then get up early, so I can get a few errands done before the big Valentine's weekend starts. On the books? Manis/Pedis/Coffee with a great girlfriend, Farmer's Market, a homemade dinner from The Boyfriend, my super-secret dessert (IF it turns out--which it totally will), wine tasting in Malibu (don't you just love saying "Malibu?" Can I live there yet?) then lunch on the beach and hopefully some romantic hand-holding. And treadmill shopping!!!

I'm ridiculously optimistic that it's going to be an amazing weekend!

What are you doing?


  1. Oh Erin, I am soooo sorry for everything you just detailed. The tooth thing, I remember you told me you were a retainer or else you grind your teeth to the point of chipping them...and then you just chipped one. So sorry! I love my dentist in san diego and if you're ever wanting to do a dental bloggie meetup once i am back in SD, we can do that. I get my teeth cleaned every 3-4 mos b/c i am anal that way :)

  2. Aww what an awful day!!! Sorry to hear that doll :( Hope your weekend ends on a high note. Everything you have planned sounds so much fun! Enjoy the wine tasting and hand holding on the beach :)


  3. What a day! Yikes. I HATE the dentist, too. And I have the pleasure of going 4x a year because my genetics blessed me with receding gums. Fun times. *shiver*

    We're going to a v-day dance tonight that is hosted by the kids school. It's actually a really cool fund raiser and great night out! And just cuz I'm a cool kid, my parents are coming, too!

  4. See, this is why I like having a blog, and reading yours in particular. Sometimes in life, things just completely suck so bad that if you have no where to just let go of it, to laugh about it and to share it with others, you might as well shave your head, grab a bag of Cheetos and go barefoot into a gas station bathroom. I had my own tooth shaving down to a nub last week and it's no fun.

    I hope today is much better for you!!! Happy Valentines Day!!!
    Mama Pea

  5. Sorry to hear your Friday had so many hiccups! But your weekend sounds awesome. Enjoy! Happy V-day!

  6. i almost went to the dentist on friday but i had to reschedule for next week. UGH - I HATE THEM TOO!!!!


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