Happy Valentine's Day! There Is A Rotting Rat In My Apartment

The Exterminator "trying" to reach the dead rat. He "couldn't find it."

So I was right. The rat trap really did catch the rat last week. Poor rat, I know, I know, he's dead. I feel really bad about it, but now I feel even worse, because the dead rat crawled in between my walls and died, and now my apartment smells of dead, vile, rotting rat. I really wish I was kidding. I wish this was a Valentine's Day joke, like haha, it's Valentine's Fools!!! But there is no joke here, except on me.

I boarded up the little door where the smell was coming from, because it's not like my landlord wanted to help me with this whole thing or anything. Here's a picture The Boyfriend took of me putting on gloves and wearing my "Odor Reducing Mask" before I went over to the rat-infested area.

I was on the verge of tears in this picture.

I sprayed that citrus mist air freshener stuff all over the apartment. And all the windows are open. And I think I'm going to do some baking/cooking tonight to help. But over all, I'm so sad my apartment smells like a dead rat that I want to crawl into my bed, pull the covers over my head, and cry.

Making me feel better is the fact that I had a great weekend with The Boyfriend. He's amazing. We carried out all of our V-day plans like champs until I knew it was time to come back to the rat-infested apartment. I'm now eating pudding and watching Tivo-ed episodes of Ugly Betty in my cozy pants.

I hope you all had a great weekend, filled with flowers, candy and cozy pants, and hopefully not filled with rotting rats.



  1. Eeeew yuck! I'm so sorry you have to deal with that smell! So what's going to happen next? Will they have to break open the wall to get to the rat?

  2. Hey girly, I'm sorry to hear about the rat!! At one of my past jobs, we worked in this smelly old building, and one day it just REAKED. We practically had to pinch our noses as we walked down the hallway to our office. It turns out a rat had died somewhere in the ceiling. So I know EXACTLY the type of smell you are dealing with and it is definitely unpleasant :( Hope you had a good v-day weekend with your boy despite all of that!


  3. Eeeeck, I would have freaked too. So sorry to hear abou the rodent. Glad time with the bf made things better though!

  4. So sorry girl! :(

    I'm glad you were able to have a wonderful Valentines with the boyfriend though!!!

  5. Oh, I'm so sorry - do you know how long the smell will last?

    I got flowers, chocolate covered strawberries and hubby and I cooked a really yummy dinner. We plan on going out somewhere this weekend when the hoopla dies down and I can get into a local place without hassle. :-)

  6. UGHHHHHH! I am so sorry. How can they not find that little bugger? I think your landlord should be much more accommodating. You are PAYING to live there, and technically, it is uninhabitable. Is there another unit you can move to? You have rights. I'm serious. I'm going to ask "my lawyer" about this one.

    Mama Pea


  7. Yuck, Sorry to hear about your rat issue. Thats gross. I bet that smelled horrid. I'm glad you got it taken care of though. Hopefully your baking can get rid of the smell even more. Good luck :)

  8. Oh no Erin. So sorry to hear this. I would definitley be crying and all. this is just not fair and absolutely no fun. :(
    Glad though you had a great Vday weekend outside that stinky area. ;) Poor little rat, but hey, why did he even move away with that thing attached?! ;) Oh well.

    Happy Wednesday girl. xoxo


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