200 Posts and Big Rat Discount

Yesterday was my 200th post! And y'all didn't even know it, did you? Me either. Until now. And now I know. Two-hundred. Which is also how many sit-ups I'd like to be able to do. Want to join me? Check out twohundredsitups.com and be my sit-up buddy! I'm starting tomorrow! According to the program, in just six weeks we'll be able to do two hundred sit-ups in a row. I'm game! Who's in?

So big news in Erinland. I mustered up all the courage in my little blonde head and called my landlord to ask for a "Big Rat Discount" on this month's rent due to "The Situation." Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained, because I got a 25% discount, plus reimbursement for all of the cleaning supplies I had to buy to clean up after Ratty McRatterson. I am so happy, and this extra money couldn't have come at a better time!

The Boyfriend and I are heading over to Dick's Sporting Goods tomorrow morning to pick up my new treadmill that I bought last week. I'll take pictures and show you all tomorrow! This is the start of something amazing. More miles, more sit-ups, more money!

And loves, you know it, more posts. Told you I'd be here for you all week!
Happy Friday, can you believe we made it?



  1. Yay for 200 posts and the rat discount! Good for you for asking. It wouldn't have even crossed my mind. Have a great weekend!

  2. Awesome!

    My mother always told me "If you never ask, you never know". I always ask and if nervous aobut asking, I always start with the preface of "my mother also told me...."

    Sometimes I get positive results, sometimes not.

  3. Very exciting on the treadmill! And of course the rat discount. I bet you are so glad you ask. Like they say, "nothing ventured, nothing gained." Have a great weekend!

  4. I can't believe you wheasled a discount on that, you're awesome. I'm going to complain about the mold in the garage I had to clean with bleach and an N-95 repirator mask, think I'll get a discount?

    Congrats on 200 posts, I'm heading over to that website right now, 200 situps in a row sounds awesome. We'll have hot abs together, kay?

  5. Erin, I want to join you in that 200 sit-ups a day. Hope I can do it without passing out. Hahaha!

    PS... I bought that dress two seasons ago. :-(

  6. That's something I've learned: it never hurts to ask for a discount! We did the same thing with our landlady, especially since when we moved in it looked like a crack house.

    I'm actually interested in doing the 100-push-up challenge. I've been saying that for months. Maybe I'll start the sit up challenge with you first. Keep me motivated. :)

  7. 200 sit ups? sounds like a plan.


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