No, YOU'RE Beautiful!

Recently, I was given the Beautiful Blogger award from one of my favorite leading ladies, Selma from Crazy Little World of Mine! And then the darling Kinsey from Kinsey Michaels gave me the Best Blog Award! Well, if there's one thing I know about L.A., it's that every girl here wishes they were nominated when it's award season! So thanks ladies! This makes my day. Heck, it makes my week!

Now, like any award, it comes with a few minor stipulations. I must now bore you all with 7 things that make me happy. However, if the judge will allow it, I'd like to present as evidence the framed article on my bedroom wall back home. It's a list that I wrote circa 1999, in which I announced to the senior class 365 things to be happy about in the high school newspaper. A friend who was also on the newspaper staff made a bet that I couldn't do it. And friends, I never turn down a bet. Which is exactly why I don't play Truth or Dare. Anymore...

Which is why I decided to tell you 7 things about me you might not know instead. Here goes nothing:

1. Up until about a month ago, I was terrified of sesame seeds. This is because I had a dream once about those Biore strips for your nose, and in the dream I had one on my nose and when I pulled it off there were sesame seeds on it! And my nose was full of holes! And ever since, I avoided both sesame seeds and Biore strips like the plague. But recently, I started eating them again. I think I'm finally able to move on. Maybe.

2. I'm left-handed. But I do right-handed cartwheels.

3. I was the best babysitter, because I gave extra scoops of cookie dough ice cream and I make really good Kraft Mac & Cheese.

4. I think if you wake up really early and go running, it's possible to still be asleep for the first few miles, therefore making the run go by faster.

5. I fall asleep immediately on airplanes. Like before the plane even takes off. I often don't wake up until landing, either. Here's my secret: 1 stiff drink at the airport bar, 2 Tylenol PM, enough Xanax to make the other drugs work faster. Actually, I'm kidding. The real secret? Cozy pants, thick socks, Uggs, a blanket and travel pillow tucked into your carry-on and a window seat. Tuck yourself in, and start counting sheep.

6. I really like dresses with pockets. And just dresses altogether. But I really hate shaving my legs, so alas...

7. Sometimes I honestly crack myself up. Like right now, I'm hysterically laughing at the fact that I just told you, Internet, that I hate shaving my legs! And I'm not even kidding about that one! It's SUCH a pain. I'm so lucky I'm blonde.

Now, I must nominate 7 bloggers for the Beautiful Blogger Award and 15 bloggers for the Best Blog Award. Wow, this is tough stuff. Here goes nothing:

For the 7, I'm going to select the 7 bloggers I had lunch with last weekend. Because aside from Lynn and Christy from The Actor's Diet, I had never met them before and now just adore them:

Lynn and Christy from The Actor's Diet
Kate from Cooking with Kate
Mimi from Damn the Freshman 15
Kathryn from Froyoaholics
Sophia from Burp and Slurp
Ameena from Fancy That...Fancy This
Suzanne from Suzanne: Trying to Maintain

And as for the 15, well...I'm just too tired to link to them right now. It's almost 9pm...not much can be expected of me at this hour.

Can I get back to you tomorrow?

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P.P.S. Today is the last day to enter Katie's Vita-Mix giveaway! Hurry!


  1. Aww, you are SO sweet! I was SO happy we met at the Veggie Grill! Definitely following your blog now ;-)

  2. You're so welcome girl. :) And wow, I wish I could sleep on plane. I do have my pillow with me and I'm usually wearing comfy things but I can't sleep. I get easly distracted by all those fun movies and games available. ;) and you crack me up...yes, lucky you are blond. ;) I'm brunette...enough said. ;)
    Have a fab day.

  3. Aw, glad you like your award doll!! Very well deserved :) And very funny/interesting facts. The sesame seeds one and shaving your legs facts cracked me up!


  4. Thanks, Erin! You're so sweet!!

    And, honestly, I hate to shave my legs too. I used to be kind of OCD about it, but now that I'm happily married, my husband is lucky if it's an every other day thing. ;)

  5. OMG I am cracking up over here!

    A few things: #1 - LMAO! #2 - I'm a lefty too but do almost everything other than writing with my right hand. Random. #5 - I'm right there with ya! #6/7 - Ironic that this morning I announce to The Brunette that I will shave my legs today. It has been a month. I figure, I've got blonde leg hair you can't see and my boyfriend lives in Michigan... what's the point? I'm glad someone else shares my hippy theory. LOL! :)

    Have a fab Friday girl!

  6. thanks for the award! i fall asleep ASAP on planes too....i think i've conditioned my body to do it now.

  7. OMGGG I HATE saving my legs. Such a pain in the ass. BUT I love dresses...espesh dresses with pockets. So it's tricky lol.

    CONGRATS lover. I'll text you/call you tonight yay!

  8. Congrats on the award Erin... you are truly beautiful!

  9. thanks for the linkage love honey.
    and scott falls asleep on airplanes instantly, too!

    and the nails. i wish i coulda said it's some secret potion too..just lucky. But we could do a nail/hair swap. I'd take your hair over my nails, anyway :)

  10. aw thanks for the tag. gonna have to do random info because i just did a what makes me happy one like last week. love dresses with pockets. what did we do with our hands before this miraculous invention?!?! high waisted skirts with pockets are faves as well.

    as for a drink...whenever?!?! always up for a big glass of wine!!!!!!!!

  11. aaww totally cute. I so loved reading all those fun facts about you! Very cool girl. Number 7 so made me laugh! I crack myself up too. So funny. I loved your comment about the seasme seeds too. haha. I hope you are having a great Saturday! Take care!


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