Love Birds

Last weekend on our weekly pilgrimage to Santa Monica, Running Buddy Selena and I came across one of the sweetest displays of affection I've ever seen. Separated by at least twenty feet from the rest of the pigeons on the Promenade, were two little love birds, clearly absorbed in their own love for one another. Not even a silly blonde with a camera three feet away could disturb these two.

Two days later, I was at dim sum for a lunch meeting, and the chicken dish ordered by guests at our table arrived with the entire chicken head (eyes, beak, everything) on the plate. I don't judge, but at least see for yourself how sweet and loving these darling little birds are. And yes, I know people don't usually eat pigeons...but it makes you think, doesn't it?
I asked The Boyfriend later that night if he thought people would still eat meat if every time they did the head of the animal would come with their meal...he thought probably not, most people would skip it if that was the case.
Clearly, we are not the only souls on the planet. Sometimes I feel like we act like we are, that we have power over others who are smaller and more helpless than ourselves.
Maybe if we could all just try to have a little more love and compassion, at least as much as those two little love birds, the world would be a better place.


  1. Oh, you know I adore this post. I think there is no way we can even begin to understand the emotions, thoughts and feelings animals have. Many animals have their lovebirds and every animal has a mother. I personally don't want to step in on any of those relationships.


  2. So cute. The other day my brother and I were talking about hugging polar bears, and how they also cry and bury their family (more like cover up with snow) when they die. I believe that animals do have feelings.

    I hate it when the chicken comes with the head still on it. Some people like to suck on the beak and chew on the head...I personally think it's gross.

  3. I love you for this post.
    For many other reasons, but this post makes me love you even more.

  4. You should not read the book Cleaving. The author, the Julie from Julie & Julia Project, is fascinated with butchering meat and actually watches a pig get slaughtered.

  5. Aw, how cute!
    I think I'm pretty much getting the whole, don't eat animals thing. I don't about 70% of my diet, so I think I'm moving in the right direction. Today for instance, I think cheese is about as non-vegan (or wait, and chocolate) that I'll be going ... Don't you just feel better?

  6. AWWWWW such a cute story. And definitely if whatever I was eating had a head attached to it, I'd pass.

    PS: I'm new here and I love your blog already. XO


  7. Awww...Love those 2 birdies. I'm certain that I would not be able to eat anything with a head on it.

  8. what a lovely post! I definitely would not be able to eat anything with a head on it!

    Thank you so much for the delicious cookies - they are wonderful! I am having a girlfriend over tonight - this will be our dessert! xxoo

  9. what an awesome post girl. I truly agree that we are not the only creatures on this planet. Sometimes reminders of affection like this help us keep us in check. Great photos. I hope you having a lovely day!

  10. So...we need to talk off blog and twitter and plan our amazing adventure BUT it's so funny-last night I said to my sister "it feels so GOOD knowing that nothing we've eaten for 2 weeks has come from an animal"

    Seriously...this whole vegan thing is changing SO much, not just my dress size. :)

  11. Those birds are so sweet! I would most def not eat meat if it was served with the head...good point you make.

  12. Well, the Chinese eat everything that flies except for airplanes, and everything that has legs except for the table. Seriously.

    Aw, great picture. That was an awesome, touching shot!


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