It's Been A Really Long Week

Hello, Loves! How was your week? Mine was so insanely busy. I worked (obviously) but also had two dinner dates (one with a friend and one with The Boyfriend) and ended up heading home from work sick yesterday (I think I was suffering from exhaustion). I only managed to see you on Tuesday, where I was a day late with my Meatless Monday post, but I'm really glad you all seemed to like it! I promise I'll make up for our lost time over the next week.
This week, lots of things blew my mind. All very sad too. Obviously, the tragedy in Haiti is just awful. I feel so bad for the people there, dealing with all of the mass devastation. There really aren't words to describe it.
And by no means a comparable comparison, this whole Heidi Montag situation strikes me as really sad. (But obviously it's nothing compared to Haiti.) Have you seen the new issue of People magazine? Here's the cover:

Basically, my friend (and one of my Twitter followers) Heidi unveils her 10 (10!!!!!!!) new cosmetic procedures. Among other things, she had her ears pinned back, another nose job, another breast augmentation, a butt augmentation, liposuction, eyebrow lift and fat injections. And that's only seven of them. I'm missing three. I guess I'm sad mostly because of the example this sets for young girls, and I feel bad that she's such an unhappy person. And I don't think she's any prettier. I think she looks like a man now. And not in a good way, because I like men. I also just don't think she could get anymore deluded or contrived. There are bad things going on inside her head, and I think she needs help. Quick.
The third thing that really bummed me out this week happened just this morning. I was in my car on my way to work, around 6:45am, when I noticed a man yelling at the ground. Only he was yelling at his little dog, who was cowering in fear, shaking and partly rolled over on his back. Then the man kicked the dog, and reached over grabbing him with his two man-hands by the fur on his little furry back, shaking him violently. I seriously thought I was going to die watching this. When the man finally saw me starring, I had slammed on my brakes in the middle of an intersection, and I starred him down with a glare in my eyes and my jaw wide open in disbelief for a whole 15 seconds.
Then I called the police.
But they couldn't do anything with out his address. So a warning, you dog-abuser-worst-scum-on-the-face-of-the-earth man, I'm looking for you, and you are going down.
And if I were a man, I would have gotten out of my car and kicked the man where it counts. But I'm not. And so I went to work.
And now here I am, on a mission to save the poor little innocent dog from a horrific person who regrettably lives in my neighborhood.
I'm going to a birthday party tonight (Happy Birthday, Jon!) and then am running a million miles with Running Buddy Selena in the morning followed by shopping the farmer's market and a much needed massage tomorrow afternoon. I plan on relaxing this weekend, along with hunting that dog-abuser.
Wow. It was a really long week.
I need a margarita.


  1. She had a chin reduction! Can you even believe that? A CHIN REDUCTION!!!

    Let me just say, 2010 has brought enough sadness into my life already, it can only go up from here. Right? I hope??

  2. Girl. What a week. THe Heidi thing is quite insane and I left a long comment on another blog about it. So young, so many procedures, knife does not equal happiness and she better look inward, do the work, find herself, and figure her life out!
    The dog. OMG
    Go have a margarita my love!!!

  3. She looks horrible with all that plastic surgery. It's really sad. I hope you hunt that scumbag down! I can't believe he did that to his dog. And to think his dog loves him unconditionally. OMG there is a place in hell reserved for people just like him.

  4. Earlier I was looking at pictures of Heidi from '06, before she had anything done, when she had just begun filming for the Hills. She looked so sweet and so cute ... Now it seems like she's completely lost it, and I mean LOST IT!! She is striving for perfection. Something she may never find. I really hope she doesn't continue getting work done, it's only going to get worse. She might start looking like the cat lady. Also, it's shocking that Spencer would want this for his wife, it's sad.. really really sad.

    Have a great weekend Love!

  5. hasn't heidi spoiled her appearance? i can't understand this addiction to cosmetic surgery at all. grow old gracefully!!

  6. Sorry to hear you've had such a long week, Erin!! That is so horrible and sad about the dog :( I always try to turn a blind eye to things like that, it's so horrible to imagine (much less see that) right in front of you. I hope you find out his address and alert the authorities. And uggggh the whole Heidi thing has definitely been on my mind too. I definitely don't think that cover is setting a good example at all. I agree with Kimberly, I think she is striving for perfection. I feel like in her mind, plastic surgery is like getting a tattoo. You get one, but one is never enough, and you want a few more. I can't even imagine how her parents must feel about all of that. Yuck....
    I hope you have a good weekend, doll!


  7. WHOA, 10 plastic surgeries?! I have a friend who had four nose jobs, but still! Yikes.

    Hope you got your margarita :-)

  8. Heidi is trippin. She's too young for all that. She doesn't even look like the same person. What ever happened to "subtle fixes"?

    She says she has to compete in her industry. Can anyone tell me what industry that is?

  9. I find the whole Heidi thing pathetic...she looks awful! She was a cute girl to begin with - why don't these young girls learn from all the older ladies that have had these plastic surgeries? They all look freakish...she will definitely start looking like Joyce Wildenstein (the cat lady). The sad part is they "thinks" they look better. What makes me really sad is beauty comes from within, she must really have some self hatred to go this far thinking it is going to help her with her career...I guess if getting talked about and being on magazine covers is her career - then she's reached her goal....so so sad!

    And the dog abuser - I really hope you find him and have him arrested....Far too many people get away with this...GOOD LUCK and please keep us posted on this! Have a relaxing weekend! xxoo

  10. She was so pretty before. I really don't see a major difference except for boobs and eyebrows lifted and lips. so sad.

  11. Miss you Erin. Did you get your bangs already?

    I agree with your Heidi insights... now, she looks like a man.

  12. I've missed you!!! Glad you are feeling better!

    I can't believe about the man/dog... so sad!

    As for that Heidi girl, seriously!? *rolls eyes* what is wrong with people?!?!?

  13. AW please save that puppy!


  14. SO glad I found you (via The Actors Diet site) - love your blog!! I am also in LA and have a podcast called 'The Because Show' with my girlfriends - we often find ourselves talking about the craziness of life in LA!!

  15. I think Heidi looked WAY better for all that surgeries. So sad.

  16. The fact that someone would actually kick his dog just makes me to mad!! How could someone do that?! Oh that just makes me so angry!! Good for you though for calling the police even if they can't do anything without his address.

    Oh, and I hate to admit it, but you're right about Heidi looking like a man now. Poor girl.

  17. she was such a cute girl..she is actually looking like mj now..her christian family should be stepping in!!!


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