I Have The Best Readers...and Dehydrator

You guys are sooooooooooo sweet! (Insert big Elle Woods-esque squeal here!) I can't believe 100% of you think I should get bangs! That completely blows my mind. I loved checking in yesterday to see what you were saying, and I am on the verge of making an appointment to chop-chop my goldilocks into bangs! I can't wait!

I do, however, need to wait until at least Sunday afternoon to do this, as Sunday morning Running Buddy Selena and I are running the 13.1 Los Angeles half marathon. I am so excited to do this race and get the New Year started off right!

Last night, I was MIA because of a big package that came in the mail. What was inside? Only my new Excalibur dehydrator!!!

(Insert loud cheering and whistles here!)

As it's the end of the week, I didn't have much to dehydrate in the fridge, but I did try out some tomatoes:

That was TWO whole tomatoes when I started!

And some blueberries which were mealy and so therefore not the best quality to eat raw:
But they pretty much look the same.

(Insert sad face here.)

All of my dehydrating resources said to boil (or blanch) the blueberries for 2 minutes prior to dehydrating them, but I thought that was stupid and ignored their advice. I think I'll just stick with apples, bananas, and other easier-to-shrink fruits in the future.

I'm also really excited because with the New Year, I'd really like to try eating a bit more raw food. Some of the raw recipes out there seriously look better than cooked food - way better, actually. And in a couple of months, the farmer's markets here with be over flowing with every fruit imaginable, all just begging to be turned into fine living cuisine. Plus, some of my very favorite bloggers are also into raw food, so I know I have support out there to at least try and incorporate more living food into my diet!

In the meantime, at my lunch yesterday, my friend Young took me to the Asian market to stock up on some exotic items. One of the coolest things I bought:

A 2olb. box of young Thai coconuts for $6.99! (That's 9 coconuts. And I'm only slightly terrified to try and open them by myself.)

I know I must have looked ridiculous returning from lunch carrying a 20lb. box of coconuts into the office, but whatevs. Here's what's inside that box:

Wish me luck!!!

Today I'm going to clean my house, go grocery shopping for more stuff to dehydrate, and then tonight get together with the cutest boy in the whole wide world, a.k.a. The Boyfriend, for a fun-filled date night and some more shopping/hiking/general lurking around this beautiful city and then Sunday is the race!

Can't wait to rock this new year with bangs and all the dehydrated food I can eat!

What are you doing this weekend?

P.S. The beautiful and hilarious Molly is having an amazing giveaway on her blog for Perricone MD skin cream! And while you're at it, you might as well follow her, because she's funnier than me.


  1. Have an awesome weekend girl. Good luck on Sunday! And yeah, have a fab time with your guy. Dates in the city are the best anyhow. ;)

  2. if you are only going for the juice, you can find a little hole at the top that is super easy to poke a knife through, but if you're going for the meat inside, you're gonna need a butcher knife (i think its called a cleaver). or you can drop it from the 2nd floor and hope for the best.

  3. WOOOHHOOO!!! I'm your Some Of- You are so sweet.

    Okay, my mouth DROPPED when I saw that you bought a whole box of young thai coconut for 6.99. Since moving to Los Angeles .. Umm since August?? I have been buying about 10 coconuts per week at 1.99 each!!! I am SHOCKED!!!!!!!!! Can you please oh please oh please email me the address of this Asian market.

    Also have you tried Durian yet?

    ALSO- ALSO- Can't wait to see your bangs. I'm excited:)

  4. You are addicted to dehydration now... I mean dehydrating food items. Hahaha! I can't wait to see your new hairstyle. xoxo

  5. Can't wait to see the new fabulous 'do and you! :)

    I want some coconut now!!!

  6. Congrats on your new 'D' and have fun Sunday!


  7. Are you going to dehydrate the young coconuts?

    I remember my dad buying a dehydrator years and years ago when they first came on the market. For some reason, we never ate what he dehydrated, but he made banana wreaths using the dehydrated bananas.

  8. You are so adorable, it's ridiculous. I'm excited to see you with bangs!
    I wish you could be here this weekend. I have a charity event, A Night in Vegas, and I'm Britney Spears. Woah, nelly! It's going to be crazy!

    Let me know if you love the dehydrator. That might be something I put on my wish list. Love you!

  9. I love those young coconuts. Stick a few ice-cubs in them, sip the cold coconut water...then eat the soft meat...hmmmmm. You will need a one of those huge knives to cut it open - good luck!

  10. Oh and good luck on the 13.1 this weekend! Let me know when you want to go for a run!

  11. ack, I am so excited for the new bangs!!! Can't wait to see pics :)

  12. you're gonna rock the run out!
    the dehyd, awesome that it arrived!
    blueberries...i have never tried but i would say at least 8-10 hrs at like 145ish. dont soak. That would just add water that you're trying to remove. I always ignore soaking advice too :)

    The shout out, thank you.
    And the bangs...cant wait to see!

  13. Info for drying your blueberries in a food dehydrator. Best

  14. omg girl!! good luck on the marathon. That sounds like too much fun. I cant wait to hear about it. The dehydrator rocks!! I actally just got the same one. Im so interested in seeing what cool stuff you make with yours! Id love to get way more into raw food as well. I think its really interesting. Great deal on those coconuts too. Rock on! I have no idea what Im going to do this weekend. I might check out that market you mentioned a few posts ago. It sounded great. Or if its nice hit the beach for some bike riding. Anyways I hope you have an awesome weekend!!!

  15. Ok, so I could really use some help with the whole blogger thing!! I don't know that I will be too successful at this.
    Good luck with your half marathon this weekend!! Your crazy but I love you!


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