Follow Your Heart Market and Cafe

Over the weekend, I had a girls-only sleepover with my friend Megan. In between pillow fights and refills of champagne, she and I started talking about Follow Your Heart brand products, and I mentioned how much I love their vegenaise. Megan then asked if I had ever been to the Follow Your Heart Market and Cafe, to which I replied, I didn't even know it existed! She was kind enough to take me the very next morning. (Please excuse my night-after ponytail with frizz coming out the sides, I was so excited to get there that I didn't bother to do my hair.)

Follow Your Heart Market and Cafe is A-DOR-A-BLE to say the least. It's quaint, with a country market feel, and it's chock-full of healthy meat and cruelty-free products. Their cafe was even better. I hope you enjoy my pictures! And if you have a chance to go, 1.) Invite me to come because I'm dying to go back again, and 2.) Come hungry because the food is amazing, even non-vegetarians leave with happy tummies.

Follow Your Heart Market and Cafe
21825 Sherman Way
Canoga Park, CA 91303
(818) 348-3240

Cute little produce section

Dry-goods section with some neat eco-friendly products and great gift items

A good-sized refrigerated section with tons of pre-made foods

And of course, every Follow Your Heart brand product available

Even Chocolate Mousse!

The super-cute little cafe (we sat on the not-pictured patio)

The breakfast menu - I ordered the Tofu Rancheros

And washed it down with a large Carrot-Apple-Ginger juice, so so good

Here are my Rancheros! I ordered it vegan, because I'd never tried fake cheese or sour cream before and really wanted to...it was awesome!

Thanks Megan for such a fun girls day out! Love you, friend!!!

See you all back here tomorrow, where I will be seeking your advice for a big upcoming decision I have to make...can't wait to share with you all!



  1. I want to go! So very cool!

    PUHLEEZ come vote on which dress I should borrow/wear. You are a fashion maven and I value your opinion so!


  2. OMG ERIN this looks amazing!!!!!!!!! I am in love with Veganaise and pretty much consume it daily in my Vegan Slaw Dressing Recipe. I would love to go to the cafe, and like u had no idea it existed???!!! wow, i love that you love veganaise too. Do you only buy the orig in royal blue or do you buy the other ones? I have only tried the orig and havent switched up a (perfect!) thing and sampled any of their other varieties of it.

  3. OMG- I go to Follow your heart all the time. I live a couple minutes away.. CRAZY!!

  4. We live just a few minutes away also and love going there....the food in the cafe is wonderful and the market is fabulous! Glad you found your way there! :)

  5. Awww that looks like a great little place and the perfect way to spend the morning after with a friend! Now I'm hungry! LOL!

  6. holy amazingness! that place looks awesome! i love when grocery stores are so pretty and organized like that and the restaurant looks PHEMON! you made me HANGRY!

  7. that all looks good! I use the veganaise...and it definitely works for me in my tuna salad!

  8. OMG! I had no idea this exsisted either! How awesome. Well I know what Im doing this weekend now! haha. I love those rancheros. They look amazing!! Sounds like you all had a fabulous time! Thanks for passing along the info about that cool place!! Have a great day sweetie!!

  9. i've been wanting to go here for SO LONG! they make the best cheese....

  10. Follow your Heart is the only brand I can find that has amazing soy cheese that MELTS! I love the Mozzerella for pizzas, it's perfect and hubby never even complains, so you know it's good!

  11. Oh you lucky girl! I wish we had some great places like this to visit in my own town....but hey I am lucky that I get to travel frequently so I get to try this kinda places out. Just wish I could come to LA sooner rather than later!!!


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