Baby Opens Her First Coconut

Hi there! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! I'm home relaxing after a late night out last night, where yours truly may or may not have consumed almost all of a made-to-serve-four Scorpion bowl at Trader Vics last night, and lets just say this girl can't drink rum like she used to. All of this happened allegedly, of course. That and you know, I'm running 13.1 miles tomorrow, yikes. I only wish I wasn't quite as hungover when I was picking up my race packet this afternoon. Oh well, I'm sure if I drink enough coconut water (nature's cure for dehydration) I'll be good to go by the race start at 7:13am tomorrow. Isn't that the most random time ever? Moving on...

So I mentioned yesterday that I was terrified of my box of coconuts. My fellow blogger and friend Kim reassured me that it's not as scary as it seems and she does it all the time. So having been reassured, I set out to open my very first coconut. But not before I watched a video on You Tube of a girl opening one at least seven times.

Here goes nothing!

First, I put the coconut on a cutting board, grabbed a knife, and said a prayer.

Then I cut off the white woody stuff to get to the round coconut inside.

He looks cute bald, huh? Funny how when I personify inanimate objects, they're always men.

Then I jammed the knife into his head, pretending he was my arch-nemesis. I think I killed him.

Then I wiggled the top of his head off. (Where is all of this violence coming from?)

I popped the top off, and the water came all the way to the top! So incredibly delicious, and per 100ml, there are 294 mg of potassium in coconut water! That's 1,000 mg of potassium in the 1.5 cups of water in this one coconut! That's like eating 3-4 bananas! That white stuff is the young coconut meat, it has the consistency of a thick custard, I'd say.

That's the water! In the blender!

Then I threw in the meat, along with 1 cup of frozen mango...

And made a coconut mango smoothie!!! So good. Serves 2!

I'm just going to be sitting here drinking some more coconut water in preparation for tomorrow. Wish me luck!



  1. Yum, delicious. i love fresh coconut juice.

  2. In my spare time I crack coconuts and whip up tropical looking smoothies, too. JUST KIDDING! I have never actually cracked a coconut and frankly have heard so many horror stories of nearly lost fingers I am scared to try but you have given me hope girl, thank you!!!
    And I am soooooo glad to hear about the kale chips. LOVE IT

    BTW remember when dehydrating not to worry if you jack the temp to 140-150F b/c the core temp of the food never reaches that high, just the air temp. So I always dehyd hotter than you'd think you need to. It shaves mega time off the end result and who wants to be "teased" any longer than needed w/ nooch wafting thru the house :)
    keep me posted on things!

  3. That looks great! Good Luck on your run tomorrow! :)

  4. That coconut juice looks so hydrating!! Wishing you the best of luck tomorrow, Erin!

    xo Kinsey

  5. great job for your first one.

    i love coconut water. oh i might have to head out and get a coconut tomorrow.

  6. That looks yummy! Now i'm craving one. Slurp.

  7. Looks like you did a great job, and by the way I went to Ranch 99 today and bought 2 boxes because I was soooooo excited. Boyfriend told me: "Please say thank you to your blogger friend who helped us save LOTS of money" ... So thank you Love!!! I also bought some sprouts and a Durian. Have you tried Durian yet? I'll tell you all about it, if you haven't heard of it.

  8. Look so delicious. You're like a coconut opening expert already!

  9. I like how you skip right past the gouging out of the meat ... "and then I just added the meat" but I mean, doesn't it take some serious skill to get the fresh meat off the shell? Momma recently bought a coconut and cracked it open and between my sister, her and I we spent an hour chewing off the meat from the shell ... it was difficult to say the least.

    Good luck today on your half! Exciting!

  10. Oh my gosh... I MUST get some coconuts! That little coco-mango concauction looks so good!!!!

  11. great job with the coconut! youw were very brave!

  12. coconuts are no joke - congrats on showing that baby who's boss!

  13. YUM YUM YUM!!! Where did you get your coconuts from (giggle giggle, sounds a bit rude!)

  14. so brave. did you keep the coconut cool in the fridge beforehand?


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