Zevia Product Review and Recipes!

I literally received samples of Zevia months ago to try, and was waiting to review them until I had come up with something different. Which is why I concocted recipes out of three of the flavors. I made the last one last night, and so you see why I'm just posing this now.

In case you haven't heard of Zevia here's some info from their website:

ZEVIA is the first all natural zero calorie soda. With only pure ingredients, ZEVIA contains none of the chemically processed artificial sugar substitutes, artificial flavors or artificial colors found in other diet sodas. ZEVIA is all-natural, has zero calories, zero net carbs, zero fat, and little or no sodium (depending on flavor).

All six delicious ZEVIA varieties - ZEVIA Natural Cola, ZEVIA Natural Orange, ZEVIA Natural Twist, ZEVIA Natural Root Beer, ZEVIA Natural Black Cherry, and ZEVIA Natural Ginger Ale - are healthier and taste better than any other diet soda.

Here's my review of each, followed by some recipes I hope you'll try!!!

ZEVIA Natural Cola:
Rarely do I crave a cola. At one point my mom drank up to 6 regular (not diet) Coca-colas a day. Those little red cans lined the shelves of our family refrigerator. Every once in a great while, I'd have a Coke myself, mostly if I had a headache or didn't feel well. I think it's also important to note that my mom is no bigger than a size 4, and never has been, so clearly the Coke never added unwanted weight to her small frame. She was always weary of fake sugar.
Luckily, Zevia is not only all-natural, but the Natural Cola flavor really reminds me of honest-to-goodness cola. I loved it. (See recipe below.)

ZEVIA Natural Orange:
As a child, my dad lived on a lake in Michigan, and one of our neighbors had a refrigerator in his garage loaded with pop. Orange pop, grape pop, strawberry pop. All POP. Because that's what they call soda in Michigan. I learned quickly once I moved to L.A. that carbonated drinks are called "Soda" not "Pop."
However, ZEVIA Natural Orange is about as close to Orange Pop as you can get. It's delicious on a hot day. Or if you want pretend you're a kid, put on your swimsuit, and run through some sprinklers.

ZEVIA Natural Twist:
Citrusy and super sweet, this is the only flavor of ZEVIA I didn't like. I guess I was hoping it would be tart, as I usually add lemon or lime to sparkling water, and I hoped it would taste like that. But it's a little too sweet, and the citrus doesn't taste as natural as it is.

ZEVIA Natural Root Beer:
OBSESSED is an understatement for how I love this flavor. It's creamy, luscious, and basically heaven in a can. I've already purchased more at Whole Foods. Ror me, root beer is for me a really fun treat that serves as dessert, and makes a great float! (See recipe below.)

ZEVIA Natural Black Cherry:
This flavor makes a great afternoon treat. Like a smoothie in a can, it's really creamy and the black cherry flavor is very natural tasting. I thought it would even make a great dessert. (See recipe below!)

ZEVIA Natural Ginger Ale:
I usually only drink Ginger Ale on the airplane. Something about that ginger settling the tummy that automatically makes me want one when that cart comes rolling on by. But recently, I started drinking ginger ale at other times too. I really like the taste of ginger! And the Zevia Natural Ginger Ale is very authentic tasting, and not too sharp. The ginger is sweet and fruity even...I kind of wish I was drinking one right now!


Kukicha Cola
(Recently The Boyfriend and I started eating at M Cafe quite frequently, a macrobiotic restaurant and deli here in L.A. They have a Kukicha Cola on the menu, and although I have no idea how they make theirs, this is my interpretation of their best-selling drink.)

1 Can ZEVIA Natural Cola
1 Kukicha (Roasted Twig Tea) Tea Bag
1/2 C. Boiling Water

Place tea bag in a mug. Add 1/2 C. Boiling water, and steep for 5 minutes. Remove tea bag and pour over ice. Top off with ZEVIA Natural Cola, and enjoy!

Root Beer Floats

1 Can ZEVIA Natural Root Beer
Vanilla Ice Cream (I used Purely Decadent Dairy-Free Ice Cream)
2-3 Drops Vanilla Stevia (I use NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia)

Scoop generous amount of ice cream into a parfait glass. Top with ZEVIA Natural Root Beer. Serve with both a spoon and a straw.

Black Cherry Granita (Italian Ice)

1 Bag Frozen Black Cherries
1 Can ZEVIA Natural Black Cherry

Place cherries in a blender, and add ZEVIA Black Cherry. Blend until smooth. Place in a glass baking dish, about 8" x 8".

Put glass dish into the freezer, and every hour, scrape the top of the black cherry mixture, flaking the ice that forms on top into loose crystals. Continue the process until the entire mixture is separated into icy flakes.


  1. Hey great recipes Erin...thanks! I made the RB Floats before..so yummy!


  2. I tried making RB float with zevia and vanilla oikos -- 'twas a disaster. Your method sounds much better :)

  3. Thanks for those recipes Erin. I'm a big cola fan like your mom. I have to try the natural cola and the rootbeer.

  4. This is such an awesome review woman! I have been wondering about this because I am trying to break my diet coke addiction. I'm totally getting it the next time I go to TJ's.....and target hahaha

  5. cool recipes! i love the zevia root beer floats.

  6. All of those sound so yummy. I am really excited to try the Italian ice. I've always loved Italian ice and this sounds like a healthier alternative. I featured all of the recipes on my Squidoo lens. Let me know if you come up with any more. :)



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