Success At The Current Elliott Sample Sale!

I stopped by the Current/Elliott and Joie sample sale after work today. I was crossing my fingers that they would have something I wanted...after all last night Carpool Buddy Rick and I went to the Vince cashmere sample sale and it sucked, so I wasn't that optimistic about the sale today.

SIDE NOTE: I just realized I should probably let you guys know about these sales...promise I will from now on. But if you love sample sales and a good bargain as much as I do, the best way to find out about these things is to subscribe to the daily newsletter from both Racked L.A. and Daily Candy.

Luckily for you, the Current/Elliott sale is still going on tomorrow 12/05 (4599 District Blvd. Vernon, CA 8am-4pm) and you should totally go! There was a good selection of corduroys, black denim, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans and a couple cute denim dresses all from Current/Elliott, and from Joie there was a HUGE selection of little girl's clothes from Petit Joie, and gobs of sweaters, tops and pants for women, in addition to a good selection of shoes and leather boots. OH and there were also leather jackets and pants...in case you'd like to channel your inner rock star. I had heard that in the past a lot of the Joie selections had been very dated, some even 5-6 YEARS old, but at this sale, of the sweaters I saw, most were from Fall '09, which was only like last month.

Here's what I got (in addition to two Joie sweaters that are delicious and AH-MAZING, and I'm OBSESSED, can you tell?):

These were all MADE IN AMERICA!!!

Two pairs of jeans called the "Dad" jean...should I be worried that these fit me like a glove? And one pair of their classic "Boyfriend" crop jeans that I have been waiting forever for.

Let's get something straight...I think I've said this before, but being in the fashion industry, I know exactly how much this stuff costs to make. Which is why I don't pay retail for anything. All of the jeans at this sale were $50. Which saved me approx. $180 per pair, times three...which is a grand total of $540 off retail for the three pairs of jeans I bought. And that's not even including the sweaters I got! Most of the Joie items were between $15-35.

Also, I'm a sucker for vanity sizing. I'm that girl they cater to when Current/Elliott decided to make a size 26 fit me...I've never been a size 26 in my LIFE...more like a 29, so how could I NOT buy these?

Some tips for sample sales:

1. Bring Cash. (Although this sale did accept credit cards, cash usually helps me set a budget and not over-do it.)
2. Wear full-butt underwear, and a dress or skirt/cami on top if possible. There are no dressing rooms, and a dress makes it easy to try on jeans with out exposing yourself. I saw a lot of butt cheeks tonight!!!
3. Don't bring a purse. They are not allowed. Make sure your skirt or dress has pockets for your keys and wallet!
4. Don't be afraid to ask the girl next to you for her opinion! Mirrors are hard to come by at these things.
5. Make your decisions carefully! There are no returns.

Happy Friday, Loves! And better yet, Happy Shopping!!!


Thanks for your comments! Hope you stop by again soon! XO!