Some Very Honest New Year's Resolutions

I'm starting to think about this now, and to be quite honest, this will be the first year in forever that I actually make New Year's Resolutions. This is because, growing up, my mom didn't believe in them. "I believe you can set goals and resolve to make positive changes in your life all year long, not just one day a year at New Year's," my mom would always say, "Plus, most people give up by mid-January anyway."

Smart woman.

And as to not ignore her advice, I'm starting my New Year's resolutions right now. Yes! Right. This. Minute. I feel all of these goals are not only attainable but will make me a nicer, better, healthier person. How's that for getting a jump-start on the new year?

1. I promise not to get jealous of other blogger's swag. There. I said it. Sometimes, when my bloggy friends post pictures or write reviews of super-cool new and hard-to-find and/or expensive products, I get a little green-eyed. This is because I am the queen of free stuff. I sample anything and everything I can get my hands on, and will rarely buy new products if I haven't sampled them first. I just need to get over it this. I get cool stuff too! And more will come. I've also hosted and won some pretty awesome giveaways. There is more than enough to go around. There is no need to be jealous.

2. I promise to put down the fork. All too often, I hold my fork (or spoon) my entire meal. This is not only unladylike, but also not good for me and my sensitive tummy. Meals should take time to eat. (Note to self: Use chopsticks more.) I don't eat at fast-food restaurants, and so I shouldn't eat like I only have time to do so. This means taking a step back, addressing the situation, and also analyzing how hungry I really am mid-meal. Overeating is not sexy. I am a classy girl who should eat like one. Plus, I'd hate to think my mom wasted all that money on cotillion.

3. I promise to always use my re-usable shopping bags at every grocery store 100% of the time. In the event I forget my bags, I will either skip the grocery store altogether, carry my groceries out of the store with my bare hands, or I will buy new shopping bags there. No disposables. Landfills are out of control. The cycle stops here. Same for coffee cups.

4. I promise to tell The Boyfriend one new thing daily that I love about him. This one will be super easy, considering he's perfect and I'm smitten.

5. I will finally go next door, and meet my neighbors. I only know two people in the whole building, the girl upstairs who is louder than a sports bar and the guy on my left who takes in my packages. I need to go say hello and introduce myself to the rest. A great friend could be living next door and I'd never even know it.

6. I will volunteer at least one day per quarter, as is my allowance at work. I can't believe that I actually work for a company who will pay me to volunteer! Four days per year, one per quarter, we can volunteer and take the day off work to do so! And it's embarrassing to admit I haven't yet done this. I've missed so much opportunity. No longer.

7. I will run at least 750 miles in 2010, and complete another full marathon.

8. I vow to try one new food per week, and when this isn't possible for whatever reason, I will make one new thing using ingredients I already have. And lucky you, because chances are, I'll probably post the recipes.

What are your New Year's resolutions?

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  1. Those are great goals, I like them all. Good luck with them all...you can do them.

  2. i will try to cook more. instead of dumping cans in a microwave safe dish.

  3. These are great. I love the neighbor one, I'm adding it to my list. The blog thing can be hard...but there will always be someone who gets more, does more, etc and you're so fabulous don't even let it bug you one more second!!

  4. I love these resolutions! I am working on my own and may just have to steal a few of yours! Have a wonderful New Year's my luv!!!

  5. Wow, these are great. I'm actually quite scared to come up with my own list. I love your numbers 2 and 6! I already know the neighbors and use my shopping bags like ten times if not more or well until they get torn apart by whatever product I didn't put properly in...oops. Happened yesterday. My fave plastic bag is gone. Oh well. I have like 283 more bags to reuse! :)

  6. Wow, girl. Those are intense! I need to work on the putting the fork down thing. I eat like a carnivore.
    I just started researching races in my area. I'm getting back into it in 2010!

  7. great resolutions girl! you will certainly fufill each and everyone for sure!

    i want to try one new food per week toO! broaden my horizons! love this one :)

  8. Ok this is an amazing post. One of my faves of yours, ever :)
    #1 and jealousy/swag. I think this is sooo big of you to say this b/c sometimes I put alot of swag up and then I'm like well I dont wanna tick anyone off. But the comapny sent it. So I put it up and fingers crossed, hope everyone's cool :)

    And of course meeting the neighbors...in So Cal I dont think anyone knows their neighbors. Great reminder!

    And the reuse bags, running, great post Erin!
    Thx for the contest entries i saw come in too :)

  9. your mom is absolutely right. No time like the present, eh??

    Fabulous goals. I especially love number 4. I think it's so important to remind our loved ones just how special they are!

  10. Yay on the running resolution! Hopefully we can rack up some of those miles together?

    Hmm...I haven't given my resolutions much thought yet. Perhaps to use less swearwords? I really need to watch my mouth sometimes!

  11. I love these resolutions! I may or may not copy one or two... :D

  12. These resolutions are amazing. You seem motivated to complete all of these. I should really put a list together as well. Thanks for sharing yours, it gave me a few ideas :)


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