Meatless Monday Snacks Edition

I am so bummed right now because I can't find the pictures I took of my Nutridel cookies, and I was planning on reviewing them here in this post. I'm hoping they are on my work computer, and if not, I'm going to have to track some more down, photograph them before I eat them, and post my glowing review later on. I thought about "borrowing" pictures from someone else who had reviewed these delectable little crispy cookies, but alas, I'm so picky about my pictures and well, quite frankly I just want to do it all myself. Call me the ultimate micro-manager of this blog. So this post will not include the Nutridel review, but I promise it will come soon.

In addition to Nutridel cookies, there are two varieties of bars that I eat on a very regular basis for snacks. I snack twice a day (sometimes three times if you count dessert). Almost everyday, like clockwork, co-worker Donna and I pull out our 10:30am and 3pm snacks and munch, munch, crunch our way into snack heaven.

So when 18 Rabbits came into my life, I was thrilled. Of the four varieties of bars they offer, two are vegan and two are gluten-free. The vegan bars contain wheat, and the gluten-free bars contain butter, so you can't get both a gluten-free and vegan bar in one, which would be my only complaint. Aside from that, these are the chewiest, most delicious "granola"-type bars I've ever had. They are all chewy, sweet and filling. I really couldn't choose my favorite flavor, because seriously, they are all amazing. I did just pick up a new box of 18 Rabbits Nibble A Sultana bars (in the orange wrapper) at Whole Foods yesterday, so maybe, today, that's my favorite. Bonus points for these bars as The Boyfriend loves them too!

My other go-to snack bar is the Pure Bar. These are raw, organic, gluten-free, vegan and contain nothing artificial at all. Zero, zilch, zip! The creator of The Pure Bar is Veronica, a drop-dead gorgeous blonde who has an amazing bar and an amazing blog too! (Kind of reminds me of Angela, now that I think about it!)

Pure love in a bar:

Warning! These are so good, you may just want to photograph them while driving, but don't. It's very dangerous. And the picture will come out blurry anyway.

I love the fact that I can get these from Trader Joe's, I love that they are raw and chocolaty and nutty, and I love (just like the 18 Rabbits bars) that I can actually visually identify the ingredients by looking at the bar.

Try doing that with a Hostess Snowball:

Hostess Snowball image from here.

P.S. And Her Little Dog Too is having a really cool giveaway for Dr. McDougall's Ready-to-serve vegan chunky soups!!!


  1. 18 rabbits is my fave granola bar....i kinda want a snowball now, i am ashamed to admit...

  2. Ok you really make me think about wtf I am putting in my mouth. (TWSS)

    But seriously, can we go grocery shopping? Teach me..because I survive on full throttles and peanut m&ms. Not ok.

  3. Great looking bars...yum!

    Bee Happy!

  4. I think I need to start shopping at Trader Joe's.

  5. "The vegan bars contain wheat, and the gluten-free bars contain butter, so you can't get both a gluten-free and vegan bar in one, which would be my only complaint" WEll doesnt that just suck for us GF VEgans :) I really can't cheat on either my GF or my dairy free status..oh well.
    The Pure Bars do rock, for sure!

    And the Pink Hostess....Id be lying if I said that doesnt look good :)

  6. next time i make a trip to Trader Joes, I'm going to test these guys out.

    ...i gotta admit tho, that pic of the snowball kinda made my mouth water.


  7. Those bars look so yummy, I can't believe you can get these at Trader Joe's. I'm going to go check it out tonight. I love Raw food!!


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