Question and Answer Time

My friend Amby and I; I love that girl

Hello Loves! Happy Friday! It's Question and Answer time, but first I need some questions!!!

I'm going to do my best over the weekend to answer all of the questions you have either e-mailed or commented to me, but I need some more! What do you want to know?

Would you like to see what I eat everyday? What's in my purse? Do you want to know more about me? Hear how I met The Boyfriend?

What are you just dying to ask me? Nothing is off limits. I'll do my best to answer everyone this weekend in an upcoming post!

This weekend marks Week 1 of back-on-track training. My next race, the 13.1 Series Los Angeles half marathon, is only 9 weeks away! Their slogan is, "Where the party meets the pavement." I saw that and thought, I'm so there. Luckily, I'm pretty seasoned in the half marathon department so 9 weeks is plenty of time.

Do you have questions about running? Being a fashion designer? Living in L.A.?

What do you like best about this blog?

Is there anything you'd like to see more of? Is there something missing from my blog and I don't even know it? This is your chance to give me that feedback!

Hit me up!!!

And have a great weekend, lovlies!


  1. I want the juicy details on the mysterious boyfriend...

    Also do you take walk breaks when you run? I know you dealt with a lot of the same temps I did training... so were you ever able to make it an entire run without walk breaks?

  2. I would love to hear more crazy gym stories, like the one about the naked head shaving cheeseburger devouring amazon woman. WEIRD!!!

    I love to read about your workouts (inspiring) and your day to day life. I'm nosy like that, I guess!

  3. Boyfriend stories, what's your everyday like, more pics of you.

    Have a great Friday Erin!

  4. what do you do specifically in your job as a fashion designer? what parts of it do you hate and what do you love?

  5. I definitely want to know more about your job.
    And maybe your awesome stories of meeting celebrities in LA.
    Oh, and I want to see the picture of you meeting Ms. Silverstone!

  6. More BF stuff - how did you guys meet, how long have you been together, do you live together?

    Do you do any other exercise besides running?

    What is your favorite food?

    Where is your favorite farmer's market?

    Favorite restaurant/place to hang out/shop at in LA?

  7. I've been wanting to know if you ever wanted to be on Project Runway...

  8. Agreed with LA DAZE, what is your Favorite farmer's market? and your favorite food? What's your favorite health food store ??

    PS. You look sooo CUTE in that picture. Love your super blonde hair!!

  9. I want to know your training regime! Getting back into some serious long distance running next week and would love to have some inspiration!

  10. I love your wit and humor -- so anything that can broadcast that makes me very happy :)

  11. How fun!

    I would love to see some pics of you in your fashion designer style!

    What are your favorite pieces for fall?


Thanks for your comments! Hope you stop by again soon! XO!