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Yesterday I asked you for questions. It's not too late to submit them if you have more! In fact, you are always welcome to ask me questions. People generally think I'm "just being nice" when I say stuff like that, but I actually am nice. So ask away my dears...Basically, I learned a lot of you want to know more about The Boyfriend. Also you are curious about my job...and some of you would like to know more about my exercise habits. Well let's see how much of this we can cover today!

Morgan said...
I want the juicy details on the mysterious boyfriend... Also do you take walk breaks when you run? I know you dealt with a lot of the same temps I did training... so were you ever able to make it an entire run without walk breaks?

Well, my lovely Redheaded runner, let's start with your first question. The Boyfriend and I met at a pool party in the summer of 2004. I was (quite literally) running around outside at this nighttime pool party in a polka dot bikini with a glass of Merlot in one hand and the bottle in the other. Classy, I know. Well, I was fetching drinks for friends at the party, and no, it wasn't my party, but a mutual friend of ours. The Boyfriend and I had never met before, even though we attended the same college for four years and took many of the same classes. This was the summer following graduation, and I had just turned 22, was skinny and very blonde. Of those three things, well, at least I'm still blonde. I sat down to take a breather, and shook hands with the hottest guy at the party.

That's a pretty bad angle of The Boyfriend, but this is a very common pose to find us in; he's always eating my face.

What can I say? He was tall, dark and handsome. He was smart, educated and from L.A. We got to chatting...and by the end of the night he asked for my number. I ran into him by accident a few days later (this time dry and in regular non-beach attire) and we made plans for a date.
He took me to the Med, a Mediterranean restaurant, on Walnut St. in downtown Boulder, CO (the town I not only grew up in but also home to the University of Colorado where we went to college). I didn't want to tell him at the time, but almost every first date I had ever had was at the Med. No worries, it went swimmingly well. He went to the bathroom right when the check arrived, so I paid. I still can't believe I did this, I guess I just didn't want to deal with that uncomfortable first-date "who pays the check" thing. I've let him pay ever since.
Unfortunately, I was moving to L.A. later that summer to attend grad school at FIDM, and so our summer romance was fleeting and quick.He was on the 5-year plan, and so still had a year to finish before he moved back to L.A.
Luckily, that year went by fast, and we have been together here in L.A. since June of 2005.

And to answer your question about the walk breaks, I walk almost as much as I run. Okay, that's totally a lie, but for every 4-5 minutes of running, I walk 1-2 minutes. But that's when I run outside only. I get really annoyed on a treadmill doing the walk breaks, so at the gym, I only walk when absolutely necessary. And I don't run fast. On the treadmill, I'd say I average about 5.5-6.0 miles per hour. And I almost never set an incline. Running in the heat sucks, but that's why I thank God everyday that I'm a morning person. Running Buddy Selena and I would MEET UP at 5am on days when we had our long runs. Personally, I love running when the stars are out. It's very rare that you even see stars in L.A. at night, because of all the lights reflecting off the smog (or something like that), but in the very early morning, the whole sky is aglow with those little suckers!

The Voracious Vegan said...
I would love to hear more crazy gym stories, like the one about the naked head shaving cheeseburger devouring amazon woman. WEIRD!!!
I love to read about your workouts (inspiring) and your day to day life. I'm nosy like that, I guess!

My little vegan friend, I don't really think I have any more weird gym stories. The only thing that comes to mind is the girl at the gym who works out in only a white sports bra, and I'm not sure she should, and let's just leave it at that. But I'll keep my eye out for more! You never know what's going to happen the next time I'm there.

As for my day-to-day life, I work Monday through Friday with the exception of having every other Friday off. This is because I work 9 hour days instead of 8, and so I get my 80 hours over 9 working days as opposed to 10. Make sense? This is called a 9/80 work week.

Monday-Thursday (or Friday, depending on the week)
5:15am Alarm goes off
5:35 In shower
6:45 Out the door
7:30 At work in my chair
12pm Lunch hour
1pm Back to work
5:30 Out the door, or stay late and work-out in the company's gym
6:30-7 Home (depending on traffic)
7:30-8:30 Dinner and TV time
9pm Blogging
9:30-10pm Sleep

4:15am-6:30am Alarm goes off, depending on the length of run that day
5am-11am Potential running time
12pm Big Lunch and or Beers/Farmer's Market with Running Buddy Selena
12:30-5 House cleaning, laundry, etc.
5-6:30 Get ready for date night
7 Date Begins
12am-1am Go to sleep
10am-12pm Wake up on Sunday

Whatever the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks I Feel Like Doing
(But probably some cooking for the week, definitely some blogging, hitting the gym and grocery shopping.)

Boyfriend stories, what's your everyday like, more pics of you.

Oh Leah! I can top that! Here's another pic of me and The Boyfriend at my mom's wedding last year:

Skinny Runner said...
What do you do specifically in your job as a fashion designer? What parts of it do you hate and what do you love?

I am one blessed girl. I get to do what I love everyday and I (almost) never take it for granted. Specifically, I design basic tops, dresses and sweaters. This involves a lot of shopping. My mom said the other day as I was shopping on Robertson in West Hollywood in the middle of the day on a Wednesday, "I can't believe you found a career where you get to shop for a living." This really hits home the whole "Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life," thing. I research what other companies are doing, what's selling, I watch runway shows, I analyze color and trend direction from global sources. I do a lot. Being a designer is way more than drawing pretty pictures on paper. In fact, I hardly draw anything by hand. My illustrations are all done with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I don't actually hate anything about my job. Life is way too short to be unhappy. Case in point? My very first job right out of school as a designer was a big mistake. I quit when it just got to be too much with nothing else lined up. Because a fortune cookie told me to. You can read more about that here in this past post if you'd like.

Elizabeth said...
I definitely want to know more about your job. And maybe your awesome stories of meeting celebrities in LA. Oh, and I want to see the picture of you meeting Ms. Silverstone!

Let's see...another fun fact about my job...I get to scour the Internet everyday and daily e-mails from Racked L.A., Daily Candy, and Who What Wear are considered work! I also get to write-off fashion magazines, and part of my job description includes making awesome colorful collages.

More celebrity stories...well, I did go to Leonardo DiCaprio's 30th birthday party (long story). And Giselle was there and I couldn't stop starting at her because she was wearing a white T-shirt, boot cut jeans and had her hair in a pony tail and no make-up on, and looked like she stepped out of Vogue right then and there. Lindsey Lohan was also there, chain smoking cigarettes and this was at least a year before she was really in the media for being "in trouble." It was definitely before she spiraled out of control. But even then, I thought she looked like a train wreck.

Last month, Carpool Buddy Rick and I went to Alicia Silverstone's book signing for her new vegan macrobiotic book, The Kind Diet. I was lucky enough to get a picture with her, albeit one where I look like I weigh 300lbs. and she looks like a stoned hippie with her eyes closed. But you asked for it, Elizabeth, so here it is:

Lovely, huh? Worst picture the two of us ever took together (which is why I blurred myself out almost entirely). And I say that like there has been more than one...

L.A. Daze said...
More BF stuff - how did you guys meet, how long have you been together, do you live together?
Do you do any other exercise besides running?
What is your favorite food?
Where is your favorite farmer's market?
Favorite restaurant/place to hang out/shop at in LA?

See above on how we met!

As for working out, if there were more hours in the day I'd be a regular devotee of the Tracy Anderson Method. She's the trainer to Gyeneth Paltrow and Madonna, and believes in using only your own body weight or 2-3lb. hand weights at the most for exercise. In addition, she advocates high repetitions and multiple dance moves. I currently do these videos about 2-3 times per month, but since I'm no longer running super-human distances, I think I'm going to start doing them at least twice a week.
Besides running and Tracy's videos, I'm a HUGE fan of the Elliptical machine and walking. I've been known to go for long walks and not leave a note as to when I'll be back. But since I live alone, no one would ever read the note anyway. I usually go to the gym on Sunday's, in addition we have a fantastic gym at work, so sometimes I work out there after work. I need to start getting in a mile or two at lunch as well.

Which brings me back to The Boyfriend, and whether or not we live together. WE DO NOT. I adhere to the "Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free" philosophy. We have sleepovers once or twice a week, and see each other roughly every other day. But I will not live with him or wash his socks until we are married. And I don't know when that will be, hopefully not too much longer. Like in the next 2-3 years. We've been dating for 4 1/2 years after all, I'm not sure I can wait another 4 1/2 years for the Big Day. I want to get married sometime before I've got an AARP membership, at the very least. However, I don't judge. This is just the right decision for me, and I fully respect your choices as well.

My favorite food is the Lotus Roll from Kabuki. I have no idea what's in it, but I don't care, it's AH-MAZING. I also love artichokes, hearts of palm, raspberries, chocolate and coconut. Two months ago, I would have said all that plus aged cheese and frozen yogurt, but I have not had dairy now for almost two months. Except for that one time I had to bring a pillow and blanket in to the bathroom and sleep on the floor following eating a large Pinkberry, a mistake I will never make again. I will forever be dairy free. The local cows are writing me thank-you notes as we speak. And I'll tell you, you get over it really quick. I don't even think about it anymore. Sort of like that one time back in 1983 when I stopped drinking milk that came out of my mother.

My favorite Farmer's Market is a tie between the organic market on Arizona and 3rd St. in Santa Monica on Saturdays from 9-1pm, and the original Farmer's Market on 3rd and Fairfax in L.A. One is very expensive but totally worth it (Santa Monica) and the other is very cheap and reminds me of when I lived across the street from it when I first moved to L.A. 5 years ago.

My favorite restaurant is Marco's in West Hollywood, because it's my own personal Cheers. Everyone there knows my name.

My favorite place to hang out is running on the beach with Running Buddy Selena, or hiking in Fryman Canyon with The Boyfriend. I also love trolling the Farmer's Markets at a leisurely pace.

My favorite places to shop are Anthropologie and J. Crew. I also L-O-V-E Elizabeth and James, but the collection is a bit out of my price range. Ella Moss and Splendid top my list for super-soft basics, and I practically live in my Victoria's Secret PINK boyfriend sweats. You have got to get a pair if you don't own these already. Running Buddy Selena and I both swear by them.

Okay lovlies, that's all for now. More later today, I promise. Just need a break for a minute!


  1. Your posts are so cute! I think any questions I had are answered!
    OMG super jealous of you having a running buddy and getting to run on the beach! Ugh! What I would give...
    Oh BTW... hubby and I were together 7 years before we got engaged... funny thing... he proposed in October 2006 and we were married in November 2006... HIS choice! LOL When he was ready he was READY =)
    I'm sure your time is right around the corner... way before the AARP!

  2. Erin, you are so cute! Thanks for answering my questions. I like your view on not living together (me living together with my ex is eventually what caused the demise of our relationship) and that you're so relaxed about marriage. You're right, what's the rush!

  3. You truly are amazing.
    You're witty, talented, and gorgeous...
    The Boyfriend would be a fool not to propose soon! :)

    Thanks for, once again, making my Saturday morning start off with a smile!

  4. Hi Erin -
    We don't know each other, but I've been "lurking" on your blog after finding you through a friend of a friend (can't even remember who now!) quite a while ago. I had recently started running and found inspiration in some of your posts - plus, I enjoyed the rest of your blog, too. :) How long have you been running? I am working up to running my first 5k - any advice?

    I live in San Diego, and visit LA every now and then for work (or fun!), so I like reading about the various places you visit and/or recommend. I also enjoy a good celebrity sighting/interaction. Honestly, no matter how hard I try not to, I'm a celebrity freak - I just like knowing who is out there, where they are spotted, what they look like/how they act, etc. So, I enjoyed your Q&A about that. :) Any other celeb stories to share?

    Your job sounds so awesome! What have you designed or been a part of that you are really proud of? Can we see your work in any stores?

  5. thanks for answering my question. im loving these posts and all the pics!

  6. I don't know HOW I missed this... but better late than never! Love all of the boyf stories.

  7. Woo hoo. Loved getting to know you better honey. Hope you are enjoying your time with your grandparents :)

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