The Mother Of All Answer Posts, Round 2

I'm back and ready for more! Here are the rest of the answers to your questions!

Ready? Set...GO!!!

Little Ms. Blogger said...
I've been wanting to know if you ever wanted to be on Project Runway...

Good question, Little Ms. Blogger!!! In fact, at FIDM one of my mentors was Nick Verreos, a contestant on season 2 of Project Runway. The simplest answer to your question, is NO. I have never wanted to be on Project Runway. But I have done several Project Runway-esque projects over the years. Care for me to share?

In 2007, when I graduated from FIDM, I had a string of good fortune, let's call it, that included being hired for numerous design jobs that were all fairly high-profile. One of which included being on the Tyra Banks Show. The project was to re-make a dress for this woman who had lost over 200lbs. So basically they gave me an old size 22 dress of hers, and said make this fab!

Here's the before and after:

And here's me with my model on the show:

The next project I did was for America's Next Top Model (yes, Tyra and I were like BFF's at this point). And essentially, the job was the same. Take a horrid mother-of-the-bride dress and make it AH-MAZING.

Here's the before:

Working with Saleisha on the design:

And the after with season 9 winner Saleisha Stowers wearing my remodel:

We won the challenge on that episode, and she won the entire season as well.

Other projects I've done have included designing a dress with world-renowned designer Randolph Duke for an AIDS charity auction, and designing a dress for Neiman Marcus as part of their launch of Anthusa home fragrance for their headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Kimberly said...
Agreed with LA DAZE, what is your Favorite farmer's market? And your favorite food? What's your favorite health food store??

Well, my favorite health food store is probably Whole Foods. I could LIVE there. And I do almost, quite literally, I live less than a block away, and walk there several times per week to pick up an item here and there.

I also love the Japanese markets in Little Tokyo. I'm a big fan of sake and sea vegetables, and the Japanese markets always have the best price.

Feelmore said...
I want to know your training regime! Getting back into some serious long distance running next week and would love to have some inspiration!

Well congratulations!!! Distance running is a huge commitment, but well worth it. I don't think I run as much as many other marathon runners. I simply don't have the time. On average, even during the weeks with the highest mileage, I only ran a maximum of 4 days a week. But realistically, it was more like Tuesday and Thursday 4-6 miles, and then a long run on Saturday. I also did about 1-2 hours of cross-training per week, like the Elliptical or yoga or walking. The best part of high mileage is rewarding yourself with a treat. I made sure I always had nice socks to run in, and a special treat for myself like a massage or delicious dessert to look forward to after long runs.

Jenny said...
I love your wit and humor -- so anything that can broadcast that makes me very happy :)

Aww...I just love you Jenny! Thanks for leaving me such a nice complement! What a sweet girl you are.

Molly said...
How fun! I would love to see some pics of you in your fashion designer style! What are your favorite pieces for fall?

Most of the time I look like this when I'm not at work:

Juicy Couture Velour Hoodie circa 2005, Splendid V-neck T-shirt, Victoria's Secret PINK collegiate collection Colorado boyfriend-fit sweatpants, Ugg Australia Boots

I am so sorry to tell you this, my love, but I shop for myself less than any other person I know. This is mainly because I need to save money to pay off my insanely excessive student loans, and so I try to be thrifty and just don't really buy a lot of clothes at all. Sometimes I get to take home shopping samples from work that we don't need anymore, and so I do have some really cool things, some of them are even from Europe! Most of the time, I only splurge if I have a nice event to attend like a wedding or a work function. And when I splurge, I splurge. This is because I need to feel the love in my clothes. Let me explain.
I just feel so sad most of the time for clothes. I've always associated inanimate objects like food and clothing with having feelings, like the food people leave at the check out at the grocery store? I will get so sad that someone ditched a banana on top of this week's US Weekly that I'll buy it, just so its feelings don't get hurt.
Now that I'm seeing this written into words, I'm hoping you won't all think I'm crazy.
I feel that way about clothes too. I was at Express the other day, just staring down the ginormous piles of tops they have, just lying on top of one another, and it made me so sad. I really see no beauty in mass production. I see beauty in exquisite, unique details, and hand made items. Obviously, I shop at the same stores everyone does. Who doesn't love a super-cool top for $9.80 at F21? But my usual reaction is just to skip the mall altogether, and either make something myself, or save for something really special.
Being a designer, I am completely sucked in to the world of fashion, which is amazing, but at the same time, ask anyone who gets home from a 12 hour day at work if they want to surround themselves with what they do all day long, and they will probably say no. The Boyfriend is in the movie business. Guess what we DON'T ever do. Go see movies. NEVER. I've seen 2 movies with him in 5 years of dating.
I hope this explains it better. Luckily, as you may know, I just got a promotion! I'm hoping with my extra money I'll be able to treat myself more often to a new top here and there. But let's just assume for a minute that I had an unlimited budget. Here are 6 things I'd go out and buy IMMEDIATELY. And yes, I'm pretty sure I might just wear them all together.

1. Rebecca Taylor Fringed Dolman-Sleeve Cardigan $365

2. 3.1 Phillip Lim Sequined Silk Chiffon Top $550

3. Stella McCartney Lace-print Cropped Skinny Jeans $445

4. Lanvin Happy Sac Partage Leather Bag $1,965

5. Wool and the Gang Oversized Hand-Knitted Peruvian Wool Scarf $300

6. Retrosun Vintage Carrera Sunglasses $365

The important thing, Miss Molly, is not who you're wearing, but how you're wearing it. And I love seeing your Fashion Friday posts, you do an amazing job putting super-cute outfits together, which I can tell, are filled with lots of love, just the way I like it.

All images from Net A Porter Dot Com.


  1. Nice to get to know you better :) You are so damn cute :)

  2. Thanks for answering my question and getting to know you a bit better...but a $1600+ purse - YIKES...

  3. I had no idea you were such a big deal! ANTM?! thats incredible girl! I remember watching that episode!!!! can I getcha autograph?! ;) Kidding..

    ...except not really.

  4. Holy crap girl...I had no idea either that you were like THe Shizzle. Wow!!!!!! you're the real deal and I am so proud to know you :) All hob nobbin' with Tyra. You go girl!

    And that pic of your boyf licking your face? Wow. Love the little Q & A sesh you did, very informative!!!

  5. Great post, I also LOVE whole foods. Have you tried Erewhon in west Hollywood? I think that's my favorite health food store .. I'm quite obsessed actually.

  6. WOW... I read round one and two today... gosh you are amazing. Before I only knew you as a blogger who loves to run. But now, I know a lot about you. Great photos too. I love the one you posted with you and the BF attending a wedding.

  7. All my money goes to Whole Foods! I can spend hours in that store...sigh. Again, you are so cute! I also feel bad for fruit...for some reason whenever I cut a mango, I picture it to have eyes and a mouth (cartoon style) and then I feel bad for eating it. So it goes back into the fridge. Me crazy? Naaahhh. :)

  8. I know what you mean about working in fashion and then needing a break! Yay FIDM girls!!

    Dude awesome dress on ANTM!!! Ohhh and Whole Foods is my happy place.

  9. do you still have a picture of me and dan sitting together at the antm filming? and eventually i WILL fit into the randolph duke dress again...since i own it! i miss and love you soooo much and can't wait to see you during winter break!

  10. Unlike Averie, I knew you were the shizzle. I totally remember that ANTM. Salesha was so sweet, but come on, Heather totally should have won. Can you come over and re-style, um...everything in my closet? :)


  11. You are a celebrity!! Awesome things you have done. I actually love the normal wear to work outfit. Comfy and cute. Thanks for answering my questions! FUN!!

  12. I love getting to know you more! WOW, I'm seriously impressed with all of your design experience, the dresses you made were beautiful.

    And we share something very weird in common. I always feel sorry for inanimate objects, too! In fact, if you read my story about why I became vegan you'll see that as a kid I couldn't even choose a favorite toy because I didn't want to hurt any of their feelings. WEIRD.

  13. Loved this answer session even more than the last! I never knew about all your work before! So awesome girl! I love when you post your tutorials...although I could never be half as crafty I still love to see it...

  14. I remember that episode of ANTM. It was great to read your answers and get to know you better!


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