Halloween Report 2009

I'm not really one for Holidays. And that is the biggest lie I ever told you, because I LOVE HOLIDAYS. That is, when I have plans. Now, no matter how hard I tried, this Halloween just wasn't going to work out. The stars weren't aligned, Jupiter's 6th moon was spinning off axis and quite frankly, the scene from home base here in West Hollywood was a nightmare.
Which is why, at the 11th hour (literally) The Boyfriend and I decided to call it a night. With two bottles of champagne on hand, and a Tivo filled with trash-tastic entertainment, we were completely capable of entertaining ourselves.
Luckily, Carpool Buddy Rick and I had gone dressed as the couple from the Sunggie commercial to work on Thursday, so I have photographic evidence that I wasn't a complete scrooge this particular holiday.
Best costume ever, huh? Check out my free book light I'm using that was conveniently included in the Snuggie box! And Carpool Buddy Rick of course has his remote control. Guess what I'm wearing underneath? My Juicy pajamas. To work. On a Thursday.
That's right.
Best. Costume. Ever.

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  1. hahah LOVE the snuggie!! I acutally have never tried one but they look so cozy!!

  2. AHAHA you guys are so cute! I saw Snuggies for DOGS on sale at Wallgreens the other day...

    Champagned and Tivo? Sounds like my kinda night.

  3. Isn't dressing up for work fun. I got to wear my yoga pants Friday. Made me happy!

  4. What a fun costume... very cool!

  5. can not stop laughing -- matching snuggies and wine = the perfect night.


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